A Midsummer Dreame

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Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 07/07/1985

A Bardic Event

Event Staff

The autocrat listed in the Crown Prints for this event was Duncan Brock of Greyfeather. The Baronial Seneschal Lord Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos took over as event steward and called upon his House Hold, House Drachenstern to staff the event.

From the Crown Prints

A Midsummer Dreame

If music be the food of love, play on!

Indeed music shall play well in to the night 0n July 7th. The Dreiburgen Guild of Bardic Arts will host a bardic circle. Lord Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos has graciously donated the usage of his “Land” for the festivities. If you play an Instrument, sing, dance, tell stories, joke, juggle, buffon, or jus tlike to go to big fires, then by all means attend. All are welcome. A potluck supper will start the evenings festivities. The Guild will supply a hefty amount of Great Desert Stew, everyone else is asked to please bring some kind of food or beverage ( wet sight). In addition to the circle other divers entertainments are being planned, including the long awaited name the “Land” contest. A Symposium on bardicarts will be conducted by Duncan, Master bard of Dreiburgen. This will include planned and spontaneous subjects. We will begin about 3:00 PM, but your welcome to come out whenever you like ( they don’t call Elgil the whip for nothing ).


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Malcolm Alberic

I remember this event all too well! Like it says above, after Duncan talked Elgil and the rest of House Drachenstern in to the event he did nothing to make it happen except promote it. No symposium, food, contests, etc… with no communication, when the day came we of House Drachenstern weren’t sure what to expect. I myself arrived with my dulcimer to find that Duncan was not there and nobody knew where he was. With no plan, few supplies and no Autocrat we could only hope that no one from outside Dreiburgen would show up because all that was going to happen at this point was a bonfire social with limited food. However some people did show up a few of then from very far away. We were highly embarrassed but made do, I managed to run a small impromptu bardic circle and we had some fun. Duncan never did show up!


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