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Dreiburgen Yule 2009-63.jpg
Robynne announces the door prize winners
Location: Dreiburgen
All Saints Episcopal Church in Riverside
Date: 12/05/2009

Event Staff


The Holly and the Ivy Use the theme to inspire you for your table decorations and attire.


Feasting – see potluck information below.

Table Decorating Contest – those who wish to enter the contest may decorate their tables anytime after 3:30 pm. Tables must be decorated before 5 pm to be included in the contest. Judging will begin promptly.

Ornament Exchange – bring an ornament, tag it with a number you receive at gate, and hang it on the tree. After court we’ll gather around the tree and draw numbers from a bowl to determine who leaves with which ornament.

Raffle – We will be having an “Underneath the Christmas Tree” raffle. If you wish to bring an item for the raffle, please bring an unwrapped item suitable for someone to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

Caroling – gather around the keyboard with your voices, kazoos, and real instruments (bring ‘em if you play ‘em). Brush up on the carols to be sung by visiting our Yule web site.

Baubbling with Master Gulliver – need we say more? Bring your baubble box and prepare for a good time at the tables.

Dancing – dust off your shoes and cut a rug on the dance floor.

Schedule of the Day

  • 12:00 Hall Opens
  • 3:00 Opening Court
  • 3 pm – Set up
  • 4 pm – Singing and cocktails
  • 5 pm – Table decoration contest judged
  • 5:15 pm – Buffet dinner is served; gate closes
  • Post-dinner – Court
  • Close of Court – Announcement of table contest winners, Raffle drawing, Door-prize drawing.
  • Post-court – Ornament exchange immediately following court, Dessert, baubling, and dancing
  • 9 pm to 10 pm – Festivities come to a close; clean-up begins
  • 11 pm – Lights out; hall closes


Barony will provide beef, ham, turkey, and chicken. Please bring a dish to feed eight in any of the following categories – appetizer, fruit, vegetable, starch, soup, salad, or dessert. Send an email to the autocrat letting her know what you’ll be bringing. Our menu will be posted on the web site. Please bring an index card with the ingredients of your dish; if you forget, one will be available for you to fill out.


$3 per person with valid proof of SCA membership. Non-members $6.

From the Dreiburgen News

Dreiburgen Yule Post Event Report

A.S. XLIV Yule was held on Saturday, December 5 at All Saint’s Episcopal Church in downtown Dreiburgen (3847 Terracina Drive, Riverside). The theme for the evening was The Holly and The Ivy, and the site fee was $3 per person regardless of age.

A total of 79 people gathered to celebrate, driving from such lands as Heatherwyne, al-Sahid, Gyldenholt, Calafia, Angels, and Atenveldt (!) to join in the festivities.

Banners hung from the beams, a no-heat fire flickered in the hearth, and candles dotted the room. At gate carol books and kazoos were distributed. The afternoon started with the opening of the tasting table and caroling with accompaniment from an autoharp and electronic harpsichord. With this many revelers, the feast truly was a groaning board.

The table decoration contest was won by Enchanted Attic (most period within the theme) and Clan MacCorcklel/House Atterhold (most festive within the theme). Our door prize winners were Damales Redbeard (votive candle holder), Khudashka Fomma (wooden chest), Agnes von Ravensburg (LadyHawke dvd), Donal O'Brien (Hildegard von Bingen Sequentia cd), and Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter (Medieval Celebrations book). In addition, many generous people brought presents for under the tree, and these were added as door prizes causing much merriment for all.

Our raffle generated $279, and over 30 items were on the table. My thanks to everyone who contributed to the raffle, either donating items or purchasing raffle tickets. After the raffle closed, the names of the winners were posted so that participants could come over at any time during the evening to discover if they had won an item.

The ornament exchange occurred immediately after court. Upon arrival, each ornament had been tagged with a number and placed upon the tree, and each participant removed a lettered blub from the tree. The numbers and letters were paired during the evening. After court, participants were told which number they had received, and they could check the tree any time thereafter to discover which pretty ornament had their number.

Guests were each a small note book as a token of the evening by Fionna. Baubling, dancing, dessert and more of the tasting table entertained all until finally the night came to a close. Many hands made light work in closing the hall.

Thanks to

My thanks as autocrat to the following individuals for making the evening a success:

Malcolm Alberic – decorations, set-up, tear-down, power and lights, cooked 20 lbs. of ham (and long-suffering husband of the autocrat!)

Aulric von Roding – lead person in kitchen, cooked 20 lbs. of beef, keep the feast running and the people feed.

Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter – second in command in the kitchen (kept it clean, kept it moving, mopped the kitchen), tear-down ‘til the bitter end, made post-event enchiladas.

Egill the Loomwright – baked a lotta bread (loaf for each table and a couple of festive ones for the buffet), helped in the kitchen (someone’s gotta take out the trash), delivered and set-up the Christmas tree, general gofer.

Dananir al-Attarah – lead person for the raffle, organized and staffed it, rode shot-gun on the Christmas tree.

Madelaine Popejoy de Saint-Michel / Branwen ferch Dafydd – lead staff for gate, cooked 20 lbs. of turkey.

Uilliam an Tarbh Baile na hAbhann / Luighseach nic Lochlainn – cooked 20 lbs. of chicken.

Juliana Romfare of Leichestre – lead person for the ornament exchange.

Gulliver Blackrune – ran the baubling table.

Donal O'Brien – lead staff for taste table, provided lip-smacking beverages, brought 11th hour table.

Reinhardt Medebruwer / Derian le Breton – staffed the taste table, provided even more luscious beverages.

Coral, mother of Mary – autoharp accompanist for the caroling.

Elzpeth / Dennis / Rachel – clean-up and tear-down crew ‘til the bitter end.

Damales Redbeard – pack man extraordinary, tear-down ‘til the bitter end.

Kathleen O'Duncan – took first gate shift.

Helena de Leon – took first ornament exchange shift.

Vivienne Duval – provided quality control, brought last minute tables.

Maridonna Dolce da Perugia / Ránulfr THorfinnsson / Mark of Dreiburgen – set-up, tear-down, helped with the raffle.

Rekon of Saaremaa – hospitality.

Rhys ap Morgan ap Martin / Fionnghuala de Buchanan – hospitality, brought last minute tables.

Balthazar van der Brugghe – helped with the raffle.

…and thanks to everyone who helped in any way, large or small!

These words from Lady Caitlin O’Dwyer and Lord Gautier Langelier of Addershold received on December 7, should make all Dreiburgundians proud:

Lord Gautier and myself, Lady Caitlin, wish to thank you and the good people of Dreiburgen for remembering us. This kindness brought back so many fond memories making us feel very welcome indeed. Within our group there were a few newcomers who said that they were amazed at the friendliness and warmth from the people at the event, and that they had a very wonderful time. So to you Mistress Robynne as autocrat and all the wonderful populace of Dreiburgen HAZZAH-HAZZAH-HAZZAH!!!!

Robynne the Grey


  • memories from individual people, can also be formal event reports.


Add photos if we have them

Dreiburgen Yule 2009-59.jpg
Malcolm, Bryce, Fionnghuala,
Dreiburgen Yule 2009-24.jpg
Setting up
Dreiburgen Yule 2009-52.jpg
Roger & Eadwynne
Dreiburgen Yule 2009-81.jpg
Vivienne, Kathleen, Aulric & Helena
Dreiburgen Yule 2009-55.jpg Dreiburgen Yule 2009-80.jpg
Dreiburgen Yule 2009-49.jpg Dreiburgen Yule 2009-61.jpg Dreiburgen Yule 2009-51.jpg

More Information

Web site: http://www.rocknbead.com/dreiburgen/yule2009.htm Check it out! Lots of good information posted that you need to know.

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