Dreiburgen Yule 2008

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Location: Steinsee
Yucca Valley Senior Center in Twentynine Palms
Date: 12/06/2008

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From the Crown Prints

Dreiburgen Yule

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites you to join us at our Yule Celebration on Saturday December 6, 2008

Events of the Day:

  • Site opens at 2:00 pm, there will be pre-court snackies, come and help decorate the hall and our Yule Tree.
  • Please bring your banners and tapestries to help decorate the walls. We

have a limited amount of banner stands so please let us know ahead of time if you need a banner stand.

  • Gift exchange - Designed to help spread the wealth of the artistry of the

populace, all items must be handmade. Participation is optional. Bring your handmade item, of course beautifully wrapped, and labeled as Lord, Lady, or Either. We will have a separate exchange for our youth, handmade is optional but desired.

We will have many activities throughout the afternoon and evening.

  • Table lighting and decorating contest – Bring out your best candles and your finest table decor. There will be a prize for both the best lighting effect and for the best overall table decor.
  • Ornament Exchange – Bring an ornament for the Yule tree and take an

ornament home with you.

  • Dancing will be lead by, Her Excellency, Robynne the Grey.

Music throughout the day by the Dreiburgen Music Guild.

  • Donation Raffle - Bring an item to donate for the raffle to help defray

the cost for our new baronial trailer.

  • Gaming - assorted gaming available, bring your bauble box or favorite table game. Bring your best bauble box, Lord Egil will choose his favorite and your prize will be goodies for your box.
  • There will be a craft table set aside for the youth. Supplies and ideas are always welcome.

Feast Information:

The feast for the evening will be a controlled potluck. Please sign up by emailing Lady Dananir your dish information. Our menu so far: ~please see website for menu updates, thank you~ The main meat dishes and breads will be cooked locally. Side dishes and desserts will be provided by the populace potluck style. This site is dry. There will be non-alcoholic beverages provided.

Schedule of the Day

  • 2:00pm - Site opens
  • 4:00pm - Court
  • 5:30pm - Buffet opens
  • 9:30pm - Clean up
  • 10:00pm - Site closes sharp


  • memories from individual people, can also be formal event reports.


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