Order Robes and Peerage Cloaks

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Order Robes

Once upon a time, the Order of the Laurel in Caid decided that they wanted to make order robes. This was researched, and resulted in the Order adopting order robes of a cloak in the Kingdom colors (blue and white) with the badge of the order on the left breast. See Complete Anachronist #116, "I See by Your Outfit" for more information about historical order robes. The robes of the Order of the Laurel in Caid are quite similar to the modern and historical robes of the Order of the Garter of England, which is an order of knighthood. The Laurel Cope is an ongoing project, under the direction of Barone Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia.

Some members of the Order of the Pelican in Caid choose to wear a blue cloak lined in white, similar to a Laurel cloak. However, there is no single cope with all the devices of the Order's members. Those Pelicans who do not wish to have their own cloak may still request the loan of one for their elevation ceremony.

"Peerage robes" is an SCA- specific term for an armorial cloak with an achievement that indicates that the wearer is a peer. It is also sometimes used informally to refer to order robes of the Order of the Laurel and/or Pelican.

Order Robe FAQs

  • What makes a blue cloak with white lining an order robe in Caid? The design of the cloak, plus the Order's badge, signify its use by a member of either the Pelicans or Laurels.
  • Can anyone wear one? If you are a member of the Order, you may wear one. However, as with any SCA insigniae reserved to a particular rank, you may not display such items to which you are not entitled.
  • What about other Orders in Caid? As noted above, there is no sumptuary law in Caid forbidding any person from putting the badge of an order they belong to on their cloak.
  • Can you use other colors? You may make a cloak in whatever colors you wish, including blue. However, you may only display badges and insigniae of orders and ranks to which you are entitled.
  • Does Caid have sumptuary laws? Other than the peerage cloaks, Caid's has no unique sumptuary laws other than those that are SCA-wide.

Peerage Robes

Historically, in Great Britain, the peerage (which includes Dukes, Counts, and Barons) have a specific set of peerage robes that are worn on great occasions. (also known as robes of state or parliamentary or coronation robes) These are cloaks that have a prescribed number of bands of fur around the cloak. This author is not aware of any SCA usage of peerage robes.

Armorial Cloak

An armorial cloak is one which has the bearer's arms and armorial achievement upon in. Anyone who has a device registered with the SCA College of Arms is free to display it, including on a cloak. The most common places are the back of a cloak, or on the left breast of the front of a cloak.