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The Chronicler supervises all publishing activities of the kingdom, and is the editor or supervises the editor of the kingdom newsletter, which is responsible for all required announcements and notices of Society events, kingdom law, and other kingdom business. The Chronicler works with the Society Registrar on matters of mailing and circulation. The Chronicler is also responsible for accounting for the corporate stipend and other kingdom newsletter income, and reporting all such income and expenditures to the Society Chancellor of the Exchequer as required by that officer.

The Kingdom Chronicler is responsible for overseeing publications by the Kingdom or any of its subdivisions, whether their newsletters are printed or delivered electronically, and shall be the immediate superior to all Branch Chroniclers whose warrant is signed by the Kingdom Chronicler in said capacity

Badge of the Chronicler's Office: Per pale sable and argent, two quills conjoined in pile counterchanged, a chief gules.

The Kingdom Chronicler is in charge of the Kingdom publications, such as The Crown Prints, though those functions may be delegated. The Kingdom Chronicler shall have a deputy position to administer the electronic publishing of newsletters. This deputy must have experience in electronic publishing. This deputy will educate local chroniclers on best practices for electronic publishing, and provide technical assistance to local chroniclers who want to put their newsletters on the Internet.


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