Angels Anniversary 1976

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Location: Angels
Arroyo Seco Park in Pasadena
Date: 10/04/1975

Baron Piers and Baroness Ximena presided with Prince Morven and Princess Bevin in attendance. Also in attendance were the heirs to the Principality, Martin and Arabella.

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  • Martin and Arabella had won Coronet Tournament the weekend prior while Piers and Ximena (Arabella's sister) were on vacation in Peru. The Caidans conspired to keep the identity of the heirs a secret until revealed at opening court. Baroness Ximena said it was the best birthday present she had ever received.
  • This was the first appearance of the Dragon of Gorgonoth, who won the championship tournament

From the Crown Prints

From the January 1976 issue:
It may seem a bit strange to talk about an Arts Fest that is planned for Oct, but as Cristobal can now attest, it is NEVER too soon to start! The success of the Calafian event (& a strong desire to try one ourselves) has started planning for something on the order of an Arts decathlon--though not necessarily run in that manner--where an all-around Arts Champion of Caid could be declared. People interested in suggesting contest, and/or sponsoring prizes should contact the Contest Autocrat, Mistress Bjo of Griffin. There will be a detailed listing of possible contests already worked out in the next issue of The Crown Prints, with solicitations for sponsors of prizes. Be thinking about it. . . we'll need all the cooperation we can get from every area! Please help!


From the April-May issue of The Crown Prints:
We already have some contests to list for the Arts Fest in October (it's never too early to start planning!) Anyone who wants to submit a contest idea--we'd like to pass on it before you announce it generally, please--and/or prizes should contact Mistress Bjo of Griffin (Personal information omitted)

(1) FIGHTING TABARDS: These will be judged on workmanship, wearability, interpretation of device & use of materials available. Tabards must be wearable by the fighter for whom they were designed & must be easily cared for. Sponsor: Su of the Silver Horn. Prizes: 1st: 3/4 yd. each cloth of silver & gold. 2nd: 1-1/2 yds black velvet.

(2) NO-EMBROIDERY CONTEST: Items entered must be finished or nearly completed article with no embroidery. This restriction still leaves beadwork, sequins, rhinestones, hand weaving, decorative mail & any combination. If you have a dress from 12th Night three years ago that you are still beading the sleeves for, by all means, enter! Sponsor: Su of the Silver Horn. Prizes: 500+ sew-on rhinestones, assorted colors & sizes.

(3) CALLIGRAPHY: Lettering, any subject (including the recipe for whatever is entered in cooking contests) in a style suitable to Medieval & Renaissance periods. The judging will be focused on consistency of style, innovation, & attractiveness as well as readability. Sponsor: Lady Frances of Dragonsforge. Prizes: To be announced later.

(4) AMUSEMENTS FOR CHILDREN: Specifically for outdoor events such as tourneys--games, puppets: whatever you can devise that would engage children's attention for a reasonable span of time. Sponsors: Katwen & Lorissa du Griffin. Prize: To be announced later.

REMEMBER: You don't have to be an Angel to sponsor a contest (or a prize, even if you can't think of a contest!), though we'd think of you as an "angel" if you did come forth with some contribution to the Arts Fest!


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