Morven and Bevin

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Morven and Bevin
Prince: Morven of Carrick
Princess: Bevin Fraser of Sterling
Caid Principality #: 5
Preceded by: Gregory and Vivian
Succeeded by: Martin and Arabella

Their Highnesses, Morven and Bevin, fifth Prince and Princess of the Principality of Caid reigned 06/05/1976-11/20/1976.



The original Coronet list, held 04/24/1976, was won by Guy Marchand de Montvert. However, Guy had to resign prior to the Investiture due to mundane conflicts. A second Coronet list was held on 06/05/1976 which Morven of Carrick won for Bevin Fraser of Stirling, and the Investiture occurred that evening.

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