Battista de Lagos

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per fess Vert and Purpure, on a fess between 2 keys fesswise Or, 2 scorpions tergiant addorsed tails entwined Sable
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Condessa Battista de Lagos reigned as Caid's 44th Queen. A Portuguese noblewoman and highly-trained rapier fighter, she was admitted to the Order of the White Scarf on 09/07/1997 by TRM Joseph and Caroline. She was subsequently admitted to the Order of the Golden Oleander (Atenveldt) on 02/19/2000 and the Order of Bravura (formerly Nordbandr, Kingdom of Northshield) on 11/10/2001. She was squire to Viscount Sir Michael Saint Sever and is fostered to Sir Marcellus von Drachenklaue and Sir Killian MacTaggart.

As a member of House Porto, La Condessa conducts business as an Importer-Exporter of Fine Shrubberies. House Porto began in Ansteorra, and while it is possible that it was once a pirate household, over the years they have become quite respectable.


  • Also known as Battista de Kie del Goya da Lagos

Offices & Positions

  • Queen's Rapier of Ansteorra, 04/10/1993
  • Steppes Champion Ansteorra
  • Namron Protectorate Ansteorra

Her Queen's Champions:

  • Earl Marshall Altavia 2003
  • Chronicler Altavia 2018-2022
  • Queen's Guard, (Rørik and Karina), 11/01/1997
  • Queen's Guard, (Alaric and Kissa), 06/02/2001
  • Queen's Guard, (Direk IV and Chamayn), 11/13/2004
  • Queen's Guard, (Dirk V and Chamayn II), 11/12/2005
  • Queen's Guard, (Sven and Kolfinna), 06/03/2006
  • Queen's Guard, (Edward and Mora), 06/07/2008
  • Queen's Guard, Mora II, 06/06/2009-11/07/2009
  • Queen's Guard, (Patrick and Kara), 11/07/2009
  • Queen's Guard, (Edward III and Mora III), 06/04/2011
  • Queen's Guard, (Agrippa and Bridget), 6/07/2014
  • Queen's Guard, (Agrippa II and Bridget II), 01/07/2017
  • Queen's Guard, (Alexander and Tahira), 07/15/2017
  • Queen's Guard, (Agrippa III and Dawid), 6/23/2018

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