Michael Saint Sever

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Atlantia
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale vert and sable, three lions passant guardant in pale within an orle Or.
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Viscount Sir Michael Saint Sever, or as he was normally called "Michael-san". Sir Michael lived in Caid after the West (where he was knighted and reigned as prince), during his time here he took two squires (Condessa Battista de Lagos and Lord Seamus O'Domhnaill) and was a regular teaching feature at Eichling's practice. He moved to Atlantia for his modern career, and passed away February 2009 due to stroke.

Offices & Positions


Michael-san passed away in February 2009 due to stroke.


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From Andrew Baird

I am very sad at this news. Michael was one of the first people I met in the SCA. We were standing around a campfire drinking Rum and shouting 'Arrrrrr' after every swig. I was instantly hooked on playing this game. I am praying for him, Barbara, and his two daughters.

From Derrick of Kent

In memory of Sir Michael St. Sever, KSCA, Companion of St. George

Michael was at once lethal as a mamba, and beautiful as a peacock. I never just fought him, I watched and admired him — even as he tried to put rattan upside my helm at mach II. That little shield of his didn't move, it telaported. I've known Dukes who couldn't block my leg shot with heaters, but St. Sever casually flicked it aside with a postage stamp. All the while, he'd probe my own reasonably solid defenses with wicked-fast shots, without showing as much concern as one might in opening a jar of jelly. When I was able to land a telling blow, Michael would immediately accept it with cheer. At the same time, he would always dismiss the blows he scored on me as "lucky" or "cheap". He could be both inspiring and annoying at the same instant. With the exception of our first meeting on a tourney field in Starkovin, Michael never tired before me — no matter what shape I was in. As part of King Christian's retinue at a Western 12th Night, I stood behind him at Court, and as Prince of the Mists, he sat with the presence of a King. Just as he held court inside Sir Garreth's tent during the deluge of one GWW. Michael was a founding member of The Company of St. George. It was he who invited me to join the Company at an Estrella War. I was sworn in under his cloak, and given his leather garter (which I passed to Sir Gavin). Michael was truly a Knight like few others. His example is why I came to be as proud of my red garter as I am of my white belt. We shall not see his kind again.

From Gareth Somerset

I marshaled at an Altavia Anniversary many years ago and a fight I'll never forget was between Micheal and an opponent who was taller and bigger. This opponent had strength but little finesse. Micheal deftly dodged and weaved, never standing in one place long enough for his opponent to knock his block off, all the while defending himself ably and waiting for the opportunity to strike. The fight lasted many minutes and by the time it was done, Micheal was the victor. His opponent was so befuddled that he just walked off the field and I let him go because I could tell he was utterly frustrated. It was the classic example of being a willow in the wind and a zen like patience that were hallmarks of his style. I'll miss him dearly.

From Kolfinna kottr

When Michael squired Battista and Seamus, it was the first real squire ceremony I had ever seen and I was enthralled. That man could make you believe and I have forever cherished that memory. Even after he moved from Caid he would email me bits of encouragements about my fighting and the like, he was far away but yet still always close to my heart. I will miss him.

From Marcellus Drachenklaue

I met Sir Michael many years ago and I was in awe watching him fight. He flowed and swayed with little effort. When you talked to him you were his equal no matter who or what you were in the SCA, he guided and taught for the sheer joy of doing it. I am a better person for knowing Michael, and I will always be trying to strive to be as just as he was. I will miss him greatly.

From Philippe de Tournay

I met Sir Micheal in the first few years I was living in Caid, and he struck me as an excellent example of the Knight we all aspire to be. His appearance on and off the field was very impressive, and his fighting ability with one of the smallest heater shields I have ever faced was no less than astounding!