The Company of Saint George

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St George flag vertical.jpg
Company of Saint George
Founded: 1991
Status: Active
St George patch.jpg
Company of Saint George Garter

The Company of St. George is a tournament company within the Kingdom of Caid. Inspired by the tournament societies of the 14th and 15th centuries, traditionally the Company hosts a Pas d’Arms (passage of arms) at Great Western War, so that they and their gentle guests may enjoy the display and practice of the arts of combat and chivalry as was practiced long ago.

At the St. George Pas d’Arms, the Company companions are designated as the defenders, or “tenans,” and the challengers are known as the “venans.” Observers of the Pas d’Arms consist of the Gallery, such consorts and interested gentles who bear witness to all combatants and proceedings.

Companions are known by the red garter worn below the left knee, bearing the motto, ‘’Honestas Supra Omnia’’, which means Honor Above All, and by a black cloak bearing a badge of the same garter worn upon the left breast.

The Company’s Facebook page may be found here.

Active Companions