Iohannes ap Gwylim Pengrych

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Argent semy of lozenges vert, a fox rampant within a bordure embattled sable.
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THL Iohannes ap Gwylim Pengrych, usually known as Owain ap Gwyllim Pengryth.

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  • Seneschal, Isles
  • Creator, Hand of the Hunt

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Coronation Winter 2013 049.JPG Award of Arms Wilhelm von Frankfurt


From Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia

I knew not the lady Sariah of Yggdrasil House, but I have grown to know, admire and respect the man she inspired. Lord Owain is a man who's honor and chivalry is without question or rival as far as I am concerned. He stepped up and supported Pentathlon during what was undeniably the worst moments of his life. He never faultered, never waivered, never failed. If the measure of a person is their strength of character in their darkest moments, then we could all learn a lesson from Lord Owain Ap Gwyllim Pengryth.

The SCA and the Kingdom of Caid is a better place because the both of them have graced us with their example.

A su servicio,

Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia

From Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh

The 12th of September 2009 did dawn clear and bright, and THL Owain did plant his banners upon the field at the Anniversary celebration of the Barony of Angels.

This day did Lord Owain meet all challengers in combat of arms with a knightly demeanor throughout. I did have the privelege of crossing blades of such a noble and worthy man. We did greet one another and I had the pleasure of viewing pictures of his gracious lady and inspiration. I also had the august pleasure of meeting his Lady's daughter, who although with grief evident did share joyous memories of her mother.

Thusly did we gird ourselves in armour and swords and take the field to strive for the honour of our Ladies. Lord Owain was gracious and did grant my boon to meet with single swords. In little time the fight was joined in earnest, and blows fierce were traded upon both sides. After striving together for some time did Lord Owain land a blow to my temple that did stun me so that I did yield to him the field as a stouter blow have I before rarely received.

Honor having been satisfied between us Lord Owain did show even further how worthy he was to hold inspiration of his Lady dear. He refused to allow me to exchange my Lady's colors for his own asking only that I add his Lady's colors to my those worn for my own wife.

To all noble gentles of the knowne world I do declare Lady Sariah a woman of unparalelled beauty, uncompromising strength, and one whom I shall be inspired by until I too join the Lords table and have the honor of sharing her presence.

Thus in acknowledgement of having been bested this day do I Pátraic O'Ceallaigh gird on my helm Lady Sariah's colors for a year and a day, and will recount to all during this time, (and mayhap until I take my last breath) whom I may meet, of the wonderful strength courage, beauty of this noble Lady. She who did more with one hand than many of us accomplish with two, and when Michael the Archangel did come for her did make him wait while she gathered flowers with her daughter.

THL Owain did strive verily on the field facing challengers varied in armoured combat, deeds of words and singing, facing any challenger high and low, with sword, spear, weapons knightly all, and upon the field of rapier as well. Throughout the day he did carry himself and perform with the utmost charity, chivalry, and honor leaving the field only as the close of the day came nigh. ________________

Pátraic Ó Ceallaigh
Squire to Sir Philippe de Tournay