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Although it was commonly known as House Yggdrasil, the household's actual name was "The crew and families of the Drake 'Jormundgandr und Yggdrasil'." The crew of the raider ship crew made ground approach to Miklagarðr (Constantinople) after a disastrous shipwreck in what would later be called the English Channel. The survivors, hangers-on, and families swore to rebuild the ship over the surviving masthead.

They eventually made their way to Caid, where they served for several years in the Varangian Guard. However, after the shield-maiden Sariah (who was the heart of the house) passed on from a re-inflammation of an old wound, a number of the members chose to disband to join noble ventures of trade and exploration in other parts of the world. They have continued to pay a bond-share toward the rebuilding, and the co-founder THL Owain ap Gwyllim Pengryth has pledged that one day, in its due time, the ship will be rebuilt.

Tribute to Lady Sariah

On the one-year anniversary of Lady Sariah's passing, her husband THL Owain issued a challenge in her honor:

At kveldi skal dag leyfa
konu er brennd er
mæki er reyndr er
mey er gefin er
ís er yfir kømr
öl er drukkit er

The day must be praised in the evening,
a woman, when she is cremated,
a sword, when it is proven,
a maiden, when she is given away,
ice, when it is crossed,
ale, when it is drunk.

-Sayings of the Havamal

I sing praise of my wife, a woman of unsurpassed beauty, indeed the earth's bones in face of adversity. Of unending kindness she, of remarkable intellect, renowned wisdom, and skill within one hand surpassing two of other women. Her strength in facing the undeniable with honor and kindness will inspire me to the end of my days.

When the wisest diviners and brewers of potions said that she would pass from Midgard within a fortnight, she did survive two; when they claimed hours, she lasted 5 more days. She succumbed to complications of cancer on March 30th 2009 of the common reckoning, at age 29.

These are my words, I challenge any person who would deny them, any who would test my right to speak them, or who would wish to strive on the field of honor to celebrate her life. Meet me upon the Hazeled field set for this purpose at the anniversary of the Barony of the Angels (Los Angeles) in the Kingdom of Caid, Where I will endeavor to meet the blades of no less than one hundred warriors upon the twelfth day of September, 2009 of the common reckoning.

Be girded and prepared for combat under the banner of the raider ship Jormundgandr und Yggdrasil, (a field purpure, a dragon, en annulo, arrayed about a tree argent). A token of the day will be granted to all warriors who aid this endeavor to do honor to one of such strength, taken so young.

I am,
THL Owain Ap Gwyllim Pengryth
Second to Sir Augustine von Freiburg, Captain General of the Armies of Caid