Inept Engineers

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The 2022 Potrero entryway of the Inept Engineers encampment.
Founded: Sometime after God created man, or around 2003.
Status: active
Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!

Inept Engineers

Defining Characteristics

The Inept Engineers' main defining characteristic is that everyone has an ineptitude. Yes, everyone. And that isn't just OK - it is amazing. Other strongly held principles are that each person should get to choose their own level of involvement (whether that's a little or a lot), that they help each other, and that no one should drink the Ship's Water. The main purpose of this camp is to have a very good time - and as the meaning of that will vary by the individual, the ship sports a diverse set of people and interests. There is no single unifying era or aesthetic that describes the group as a whole - their ship has wandered to many places across time and thus boasts many personas!

As of 2023, the Inept Engineers has approximately 75 active members.


The Inept Engineers were founded (and primarily reside) in the Canton of Summergate, with numerous members across the Kingdom of Caid and other parts of the Knowne World. The stories of their household histories are tales best told by firelight. As such, the only real way to learn it is to come by their camp and inquire.

House Values

  • Be safe.
  • Do nothing which will cause more negative attention than positive attention.
  • Help your fellow Engineers.
  • Don't drink the Ship's Water.

Leadership and Structure

The Inept Engineers are led by a Trifecta composed of five individuals - Tri meaning "three", fecta meaning "plus two".

Captain: THL Thorgrimr Kuggi

Quartermaster: Lady Celestina della Luna

First Mate: 'Anchor' Speedy

Liaison to the "Official" Side of War: Sir William Ulfsson

Boatswain: Ogre

SCA Offices & Positions

In addition to drinking and shenanigans, many of the Engineers pride themselves on their volunteer service and have served in many SCA volunteer positions.

The Galley Mistress, Lady Amrita Bai, has led the Inept Engineers in providing lunches at multiple day events as well as the 2022 Starkhafn Yule feast.

The SCA offices currently held by members of the Inept Engineers:

Barony of Naevehjem herald: Lady Nualaith Casnot

Canton of Summergate Deputy Marshall for Armored Combat: Lord Thorgrimr Kuggi


The Inept Engineers can be found primarily on Discord, and also maintain a public Facebook page ( )