Martin aus Brandenburg

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Resides: Starkhafn
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Martin aus Brandenburg Arms.jpg
Per chevron ermine and azure, two crosses formy azure and a chalice argent, a chief embattled azure.

The Honorable Lord Martin aus Brandenburg


Martin is a 13th Century imperial ministerialer currently on campaign with his household near Tzargrad (Constantinople).


Brewing students (House Argent Cellars AHA Brewclub)

Offices & Positions

  • Starkhafn Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences (former)
  • Starkhafn Baronial Herald (former)
  • Sgt-at-Arms, Starkhafn Levy, V Brigade, Royal Caid Army (RCA) under Sir Richard of Black Iron, Andrew Drexler (former)
  • Starkhafn Baronial Webminister (Avant Courier) (former)
  • Starkhafn Captain of Archers (former)
  • Starkhafn Lieutenant of Baronial Guard (former)
  • Starkhafn Captain of Baronial Guard (former)
  • Rangemarshal under Edric Aaron Hartwood (warrant expired)
  • Lieutenant of Starkhafn Levy, V Brigade, Royal Caidan Army under Master Duncan Brock of Greyfeather(former)
  • Captain of the Starkhafn Levy, V Brigade, Royal Caid Army under Sir Thurstan & Gregory (former)
  • Staff Colonel, Royal Caidan Army (RCA) Praetorium under Kyr Yaroslav the Persistent(former)
  • Starkhafn Deputy Seneschal (multiple warrants) (former)
  • Starkhafn Deputy Herald (multiple warrants) (former)
  • Starkhafn Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences (multiple warrants) (former)
  • Starkhafn Deputy Marshal (multiple warrants) (former)
  • Starkhafn Deputy Constable (multiple warrants) (former)
  • Academy of Equestrian Arts of Caid, Officer:Sexton (former)
  • Senior Marshal
  • Guard for Ivan IV and Anastasiia, 6/06/1998-11/21/1998
  • Guard for Ivan V and Ciar Lasse, 11/18/2000-06/02/2001
  • Guard for Sven and Kolfinna, 6/2006-11/2006
  • Guard for Sven II and Kolfinna II, 11/2008-6/2009

Event Staff

  • Feast steward (with household), Caid Spring Crown (Starkhafn)
  • Event steward, Starkhafn Games Day, 1992 or 1993
  • Constable, Starkhafn Mountain Event
  • Steward working gate, StarkWars I
  • Co-Event steward, Starkhafn Baronial Equestrian Championship Tourney, 2007
  • Marshal in Charge, Starkhafn Beltaine, 2008
  • Archery, Caid Archery Rank: Bowman for Royal Round, Longbow, 2015

Projects & Publications

  • Publications
  • Argent Cellars Brewing & Brewing History Blog
  • "Brewing Secrets Revealed" Brewing Article, 2008 - House Argent Scriptorium
  • "A Sake Primer" Brewing Article, 2005-06 - House Argent Scriptorium
  • "Martin's Closet Cordials" Brewing Article, mid-1990s - House Argent Scriptorium
  • “Ballad of the Red Knight” (Crown Tournament Poetry Collection, for fighter Sir Alberic Reed and House Argent Scriptorium Poetry)
  • "Four Brothers Have I" Poem, 1998, House Argent Scriptorium Poetry
  • "Four Ladies Have I" Poem, 1998, House Argent Scriptorium Poetry
  • "What Color is Your Persona" Heraldry Article, Mid-1990s, reprinted in Starkhafn Baronial Newsletter, 8/2011
  • "How Beastly is Your Persona" Heraldry Article, Mid-1990s, House Argent Scriptorium
  • "How Ordinary is Your Persona" Heraldry Article, Mid-1990s, House Argent Scriptorium
  • "How Charged is Your Persona" Heraldry Article, Mid-1990s, House Argent Scriptorium
  • Collegium Class Handouts, Collegium of the Desert 2007, House Argent Scriptorium Collegiums
  • "Courtesy Around The Circle" Bardic Article, Starkhafn Baronial Newsletter, 7/2011
  • "Wearing Bells" Personal Research Article, Baronial Banner Newsletter, mid-1990s and House Argent Scriptorium
  • "The Mongol Hordes" Persona Research Article, mid-1990s House Argent Scriptorium
  • Projects & Ongoing Brewing Specialties
  • Hel's Breath: chili spiced cinnamon liqueur, often with habanero or bhut jolokia chili peppers. Variations include cinnamon-peppercorn, cherry, pineapple-mango, cranberry, and Xocolatl (Chocolate in the manner of late 1500s Spanish chocolate drink).
  • Flavored Advocaats: egg liqueurs flavored as various silk pies. Variations include lemon meringe pie, orange julius pie, key lime pie, pumpkin pie and chocolate silk pie.
  • Honey Liqueurs: honey liqueurs highlighting interesting honeys, such as corbezzollo and leatherwood honey.
  • Homebrewed Nihonjius in the manner of Late Period Nippon. Namazakes and nigorizakes.
  • Conducts brewing tastings and presents samples at each Estrella War, Highland War, Great Western War and Potrero War at the House Argent encampment.
  • Hopped Brandied Lemonades: variation on Master Donal's brandied lemonade using Citra hops and more lime than lemon.
  • Vinegars: cyser, wine and mead vinegars, including pickling fruit with these vinegars
  • Pavilion cooling unit: air conditioning for pavilions, using ice chest, 12V fan, directed vent and a styrofoam insert in place of the cooler lid. Used at Fall Crown 2012 and Highland War 2012.

Competitions, Championships & Demos

  • Starkhafn Anniversary, Arts & Sciences Competition "Frog, Any Form", 1st Place 'Frog's Legs Philippe' Sake marinated frog legs in sake BBQ sauce, 1995 or 1996
  • Great Western War, Interkingdom Brewing Competition, 1st Place Beers Category - Nihonjiu Namazake, Great Western War XI 2008
  • Highland War, Brewing Competition, 1st Place - Other Category - Advocaat Egg Liqueur, Highland War XXI 2013
  • Highland War, Brewing Competition, 2nd Place - Other Category - Hopped Brandied Lemonade, Highland War XXI 2013
  • Highland War, Brewing Competition, 2nd Place - Other Category - Raspberry Liqueur, Highland War XXI 2013
  • Great Western War, Royal Reception: Brewing Tasting Table - 19 crafted beverages, Great Western War XVI 2013


Martin aus Brandenburg.jpg Martin and Emmett

Classes Taught

  • Arts & Sciences Research & Documentation Class, multiple places and times
  • Sake 101, Introduction to Sake, multiple collegiums
  • A History of Sake, Starkhafn Collegium 2007, Highland War XX 2012 & XXI 2013
  • Real Ale: Introduction to Cask Ale & Cellarmanship, Highland War XX 2012 & Great Western War XVI 2013
  • Combat Archery, multiple collegiums, war classes, multiple kingdoms, IKCAC demonstration, multiple authorizations as assisting marshal & combat archer
  • Military Orders: Persona Research, Starkhafn Collegium, 2007 & Great Western War XVI 2013
  • Equestrian Equipment, Starkhafn Collegium, 2007
  • Households in the SCA, Starkhafn Collegium, 2007
  • Introduction to PMC Metalworking co-instructor, Starkhafn Collegium, 2007
  • Brewer's Round Table, Highland War XXI 2013