House Argent

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Founded: 1992
Status: Active

Martin aus Brandenburg and Brig ingen Mhic Raith’s household, which is a part of the Early Period Alliance through Dragonstad. House Argent was founded in 1992 at the end of Sir Richard of Black Iron's baronial reign in the Barony of Starkhafn. The Honorable Lord Martin aus Brandenburg and his wife, Lady Brig ingen Mhic Raith, lead House Argent through new adventures in our Society, and we recently celebrated over Twenty Years of attendance to the annual Estrella War! Now, House Argent has more than tripled in size since its inception and spans over five kingdoms.

House Argent is a crusading household of many different nationalities, personas and time periods. The unifying principle of our household members, is that they have made the crusade or pilgrimage to New Rome, also called Tsargrad or Byzantium, some time in their personas' life.

House Argent upholds all three disciplines in our Society: Service to the populace, Excellence in the Arts & Sciences, and Skill and Chivalry on the battlefields of these Current Middle Ages. Once touted as the most active household in the Barony of Starkhafn, household members have held nearly every Starkhafn baronial office (save Exchequer), in full or as deputy, and we continue to share our experience and expertise to all who ask. House Argent members are active in many areas of the Arts & Sciences, as well, including archery (field and combat), armory, brewing/vinting, calligraphy & illumination, equestrian arts, fabric arts, metalsmithing, silversmithing, period cooking, dance, drumming, war fighting, heraldry, persona research, and rapier. Lady Brig continues this tradition, and won Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion at the 2006 Starkhafn Anniversary event A&S Triathalon.

House Argent has commanded the warriors of Starkhafn in the Baronial Guard, the V Brigade Royal Army of Caid, and the Brotherhood of the Blade. House Argent stalwarts have also served in the Praetorium of Captain-General Sir Yaroslav the Persistent as Staff Colonels and on various Queen's Guard. Currently, we field our own heavy combat lance, The Griffin Company, consisting of specialist combat archers, pavisiers, halbardiers and pikemen.


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