Brotherhood of the Blade

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From left to right is Hugh the Undecided, Martin the Temperate, Neptha of Thebes, Charles of Dublin, and behind Charles is Morven of Carrick.
Founded: Early '70's
Status: Defunct
Brotherhood of the Blade Device.jpg
Gules, a base Or, overall a sword inverted counterchanged.

The Brotherhood, based in the Barony of the Angels, was a warband of like-minded fighters, organized under a single banner, in service to the King of the West. (though mostly to the Prince of Caid) The Brotherhood was the organized core of the Caiden army in its day. It was believed to be the first organized fighting group to practice, arm, and go to battle together. The Brotherhood remained active after Caid became a Kingdom.


Ranks were assigned according to finish order in melee tournaments held for the specific purpose of determining rank. The lists were limited to Brotherhood members but the challenges were open to all. There were four offices to be won - Captain, Vice-Commander, and two Sergeants. The Brotherhood also held prize tournaments that all authorized fighters were welcome to enter.

The First Brotherhood of the Blade Melee Tourney was autocrated by Charles of Dublin and Robear du Bois. There were 10 melees held, with a total of 20 fighters on the field. Teams were picked by the lists using a random draw, with the first one picked being the captain. There was a wild variety of tactics tried that day, from a hollow square with 2 polearm men inside (which worked well if your opponent spread out around the square and attacked in a dis-jointed fashion), to a swarm of skirmishers fighting individually (which worked well if you had the better fighters). Points were also given based on what you fought with...such as a large shield was -2 points and a pole arm was +3. There were about 6 Ladies at the Lists table, as each fighter had to check in after each battle and a separate score sheet was kept for each fighter. This was really good practice for wars and a lot of fun.

Maihie McFergy won the Brotherhood Melee Tournament in April 1976. The scoring took into account how big your shield was or if you did not have one by giving extra points for smaller shields & weapons or polearms. Points were also given for being on the winning side even if you were dead, more for being wounded and the most for being unwounded. In addition the losing captain was penalized a point while the winning one got an extra.

Bylaws of the Brotherhood of the Blade

(printed in the November-December issue of the "Fantastically Illegal Communique" of Caid Principality)

I. PURPOSE: The Brotherhood of the Blade is a mercenary fighting organization with the intent of training fighters for Knighthood, both in fighting skills & in the Gentle Arts. It is not a household or a political unit. There is no oath of fealty to any officers of the Brotherhood.

II. BADGE: The badge of the Brotherhood shall be: GULES, AN UPRIGHT SWORD OR. Subordinate companies shall bear PER PALE DEXTER, DEXTER HALF of their BARONIAL ARMS: SINISTER, SINISTER HALF of BROTHERHOOD DEVICE. The Standard Bearer is appointed by the Grand Master. Company Standard Bearers are appointed by their Captains subject only to the veto of the Grand Master.


  • 1. At the head of the Brotherhood shall be the Grand Master.
    • a. The first Grand Master shall be Sir Hugh the Undecided, Viscount of Caid, QOG
    • b. A new Grand Master shall be designated by his predecessor should he decide to retire.
    • c. The Grand Master shall have final word on any activities of the Brotherhood. He is Supreme Commander & may initiate or veto actions of the Brotherhood.
  • 2. Under the Grand Master is the High Captain of the Brotherhood. He wins this post by winning the Tourney of Rank. He may hold it as long as he keeps winning the Tourneys of Rank.
    • a. He must reside in the Barony of the Angels.
    • b. He may initiate or veto action of the Brotherhood subject only to the Grand Master.
  • 3. Should other companies be founded in other Baronies they shall be headed by native Capts.
    • a. These Captains will win their posts by winning their own Tourneys of Rank.
    • b. Captains may initiate or veto action of the Brotherhood in their own regions subject only to the veto of the Grand Master.
  • 4. Under the High Captain is the Shield.
    • a. The Shield is appointed by the High Captain, subject to the veto of the Grand Master. The first Shield of the Brotherhood shall be Charles of Dublin.
    • b. His function is to handle all non-fighting tasks of the Brotherhood except for the teaching of the Gentler Arts (e.g., He handles record-keeping, liaison, setting up of Tourney of Rank, buffer between officers & people if needed, etc.)
  • 5. Under the High Captain & each Captain are the Vice-Commanders.
    • a. They are also chosen according to the rules of the Tourney of Rank.
    • b. They may take over leadership should their Captains be unable to function for any reason.
  • 6. Under the Vice-Commander are his Sergeants.
    • a. They are also chosen by Tourney of Rank.
    • b. They fill in as officers where needed.


New members are not solicited.

  • 1. A prospective member asks to join the Brotherhood.
  • 2. He may then be accepted as an associate member.
  • 3. He shall go through a training period in which his fighting ability will be evaluated & he will become known to his company.
  • 4. When his Captain deems him ready he shall be admitted to his company, subject only to veto of the Grand Master.
  • 5. The Captain shall take into account the recommendations of his company.


Any full or associate member of the Brotherhood of the Blade may march with the organization in the Grand March. The ladies of the full & associate members of the Brotherhood may also march with the organization in the Grand March.





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