Vivienne de Lampérière

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Angels
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Sable, on a double-headed phoenix Or rising from flames a rose gules barbed vert, seeded argent within a bordure Or
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Baroness Vivienne de LampérièreRRE, Recorder Pursuivant, is the current Keeper of the Order of Precedence. In the SCA since A.S. XXXVI (2001), She is a member of the Barony of the Angels. She is the Lady of House of Cempa and the co-founder of the Alliance of Households. She has been married to Lord Rotheric Kynith since 1986.



I am the only child of a nobly born gentleman whose family had made its considerable fortune from the importing of exotic textiles from far away lands. Papa had become so well known that he quickly became the main provider of textiles to the clothiers of the court of King Charles VI of France. When our beloved Catherin of Valois became the Queen consort of England's good King Henry V, there was a to be a Grande Compétition when she was crowned as Queen in Westminster Abbey in Février of 1421. Papa wished very much to go to this great celebration as he felt it would be a good opportunity, and so we did. Champions came from all over to compete. I had just turned 16 and there were parties and music and celebrations everywhere. It was all so very exciting. And then one day we were watching the Compétition of Archers. It was there that I saw him, standing tall and proud. And when he turned and looked at me and smiled, I thought I would faint. My heart started to pound so hard I was certain that Papa would hear it. For the rest of the day I watched the compétition while Papa went about on his business. And each time the young archer smiled at me I could hardly breath from the excitement. Apparently Papa was much smarter then I thought. For later that day, as we were getting ready to go out for our evening meal, he was telling me that the young man's name was Rotheric Kynith and that he was the fourth son of a Baron in Wales. His father had brought him down for the competition in order to, hopefully, negotiate an advantages marriage for the young man. At that moment I thought my heart would break. For the handsome young archer, whom I had started to think of as my own, was to be wed, but not to me. Papa apparently could see my consternation. He tried to comfort me by telling me to be not sad, that all would be well. But how could he understand. And so we went to sup. And the next thing I knew I was sitting across from the young archer. Our fathers excused themselves and left the room. A while later, when they returned, we were told that the negotiations were complete, and that if we agreed, the first reading of the banns would be at the next Lord's day. All we could do was look at each other and smile. And when he reached across the table and took my hand, the matter was settled.

Offices & Positions

  • Keeper of the Order of Precedence for the Kingdom of Caid, 06/2008 to 6/2014.
  • Collegium Caidis Regent for Heraldry, 04/2008 to 10/2011.
  • Lists Minister, Barony of the Angels, 09/29/2007 (Angels Anniversary) to 09/12/2009 (Angels Anniversary).
  • Recorder Pursuivant, Kingdom of Caid, 09/30/2006 to 9/2014.
  • Deputy Seraph Pursuivant, Barony of the Angels, 01/2004 to 06/2009 and 10-2010 to 6/2014.
  • Co Captain of Archers, Barony of the Angels, 05/2006 to 05/2008.
  • Inter-Kingdom College of Arms Roster Deputy for Laurel Queen of Arms, 07/2005 to 11/2007
  • Inter-Kingdom Heraldic Communications (Squid pack) Coordinator, 05/2004 to 06/2007.

Classes Taught

Artistic Interests

  • Heraldic Design
  • Embroidery
  • Leatherwork