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Corvus Warband
Founded: Darkwell 1988
Status: Active
An Fiach Braithreachas (Raven Brotherhood)

Corvus Warband

Corvus is an Arthurian Celtic re-creation group patterned as the Personal guard of a Romano-British Chieftain during the decline of the Empire's influence in Britain. We fight, feast, sing and attempt to preserve the period of Celtic and Roman influence, hoping to remember the best of both cultures. An historical precedent for Corvus is the Legio Primani (First Legion), a British raised force in the Roman Army which distinguished itself at the Battle of Argentorium. In the lore of Corvus, British veterans returned to rejoin their kinfolk and formed the Raven Brotherhood to defend their Chieftain, the Pendragon and the land of their birth.

The Raven Brotherhood

The name "Corvus" comes from the Latin word for raven, which was the Roman name for our band (Legio Corvus, Raven Legion). Corvus is made up of two strong arms, An Fiach Braithreachas (Raven Brotherhood) and Um Fiach Teinntean (the Raven's Hearth). The Brotherhood is the fighting arm of Corvus organized as a war band while the Hearth is our household. Corvus is lead by The Triskelion. Our device represents the three Celtic War Goddesses, Morrigan, Macha and Nemhain. The goddesses could appear as beautiful women, but in battle they would transform into ravens and influence the battle by their fierce presence.

House Purpose

The Brotherhood's primary activity is medieval combat in full armour. Corvus is part of the Calafian Iron Brigade in the Kingdom of Caid. Organized as a heavy infantry unit using Roman tactics, our primary tools are scutum and short sword. The scutum maniple is supported by our spear team, Ashleigh (spear) and light infantry used as skirmishers.

Our warriors can be identified by their roman style armour, white fighting tunics with black coptic trim, and distinctive red shields with raven insigna (Aye, bonny they are). Our favorite tactic is the scutum charge accompanied by our war cry of Boru! Before a battle or after a victory we give our war chant of Boru: Agus! Vasigh! (which roughly translates to "Overwhelm and Devastate!" in Gaelic).

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