Alastar the Coursayre

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THL Alastar the Coursayre, May 2008 Potrero War
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sable, in pale a woman's head couped and in saltire two cannons mounted on ship's carriages and crossed at the barrels, a bordure argent.
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Sheik Alastar the Coursayre is a Companion of the Order of the Crescent and is the Captain of the ship Iron Maiden.


Born in Romania as Aleksandr Vladislav in 1570 his family fled Papal persecution to the still religiously disputed wilds of Scotland in his youth. Unable to pronounce Aleksandr the Scottish people around him called him Alastar, which was their closest equivalent. His family traveled constantly and by the age of twenty Alastar was now leading a ragtag group of mercenary drifters, traveling in vardos they sought employment and patronage wherever their steel was needed. However, as conflict in the north subsided he looked for other means to remain in his chosen profession. The answer was…the Sea. Constant strife between England, France, Spain, Portugal and Holland created an environment well suited to those of a less than peaceful bent. In 1597 Alastar pooled his resources, sold off his vardos and horses to invest in a sleek and well-armed Pinnace. With a motley assortment of mercenaries and a healthy percentage of cutthroat women he christened the vessel…The Iron Maiden and took to the seas. Quickly gaining a reputation amongst the French, whose coastline he raided for several years, he was known as….de Coursayre to those who ventured on the waters. Eventually things began to become increasingly difficult as more and more of the French navy began to patrol their shores. Seeking easier marks he led his ship to the warm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. Gaining new crew and allies as he traveled he now makes his way as a Pirate along the Middle Eastern coastlines.

Offices and Positions

Event Staff

  • Canton of Poll na Gainmhe Anniversary Steward once
  • Canton of Tanwayour Anniversary Steward three times
  • Potrero Wars Autocrat, ?/?/?
    • Base camp twice
    • Volunteer twice
    • Deputy Logistics four times
    • Haybales once
    • Heavy Weapons four times
    • Rapier six times
    • Event steward six times
    • Constable at Large six times
  • Steward, Twelfth Night 2012, 1/7/2012
  • Base Camp Co-Steward, Potrero War 2023

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