Parlane of Glenord

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Parlane of Glenord at Leif Erickson Tourney 2010
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Pean, on a cauldron argent, two dolphins hauriant embowed respectant sable.
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Master Parlane of Glenord is Ship's Cook of the ship Iron Maiden and a Rapier combatant with the Steel Brigade. He is married to Lady Giovanna Ricci. He has in the past gone by 'Farlin'.

On February 1st at Festival of the Rose in Calafia, Parlane was asked by TRM Alexander II and Tahira II to join the Order of the Pelican. On May 29th, 2022 at Potrero War in Calafia, he was elevated as a Companion of the Pelican by TRM Valrik and Drada.


Born and raised in a small village just south of the Scottish town of Ord. Parlane worked at the family inn and distillery. As a young man he was press ganged into the British Royal Navy while in Ord delivering Scotch to the pubs. A few years go by at sea as he becomes a man and a worthy sailor. He was given the chance by the captain of the ship to go ashore and study. Seeing this as a way to better himself and get accepts and goes to the College of St Artemas. Only there for a short before the sea calls him back. This time for five years he is an officer on a ship.

During a fight with a French vessel Parlane is injured but alive. He is taken back to the College to heal and help. As he recovers he becomes a cook for them finding a new passion for a new skill.

Two more years go by before the siren's song calls to him. Trying to make more money Parlane joins a merchant ship bound for Africa. Not long and off the coast of southern Spain the ship is attacked by the Pirate captian Alastar_the_Coursayre who has made a name for himself and his crew of the Iron Maiden. Parlane trying to not look like an important person poises as the ship's cook. Not knowing that was one of the things the pirates needed.

The rush of being on the ship and seeing that everyone got there fair share of the salvage, Farlin stayed on and became one of the trusted crew. His officer training and creative use of spices on the food kept him useful.

The ship plied the Mediterranean sea and parts of Africa over the years. Pulling into a port town in northern Italy. The crew and Parlane full of there bounty from a rich Greek ship, go to party and raise a ruckus. After a few days of binge drinking and a few of the crew getting into trouble. The ship quickly was set to sail. A day out to sea and Parlane waking up from a drunken state to find a beautiful redhead in his cabin. Both a bit fuzzy on what happen and confused why they are covered in cat hair. Lucky for him he found the love of is life Giovanna Ricci. Bad news is he found out that he kinda kidnapped her while drunk and now can't go back to northern Italy. For she was the daughter of a rich and powerful merchant and the Ricci family was one of the premier families in Genoa.

Offices Held

Event Staff

  • Setup crew , May War 1995
  • Setup crew , May War 1996
  • Setup crew , September War 1996
  • Setup crew , May War 1997
  • Setup crew, May War 2002
  • Logistics crew , May War 2003
  • Logistics crew , September War 2003
  • Co Event Steward, May War 2004
  • Logistics crew , September War 2004
  • Deputy Logistic Autocrat, May War 2005
  • Logistics crew , September War 2005
  • Logistics Autocrat, May War 2006
  • Deputy Logistic Autocrat, September War 2006
  • Co-Steward, Potrero War Spring 2007, 05/24/2007 - 05/28/2007
  • Deputy Event Steward, Potrero War Fall 2007, 08/31/2007 - 09/03/2007
  • Logistics crew , May War 2008
  • Logistics crew , September War 2008
  • Logistics crew , May War 2009
  • Head cook, Calafia Anniversary 2009 feast, 11/21/2009
  • Co Event Steward, May War 2010
  • Cook Calafia Anniversary 2010 feast, 11/13/2010
  • Gate Calafia Equestrian Championship, 2/5/2011
  • Logistics Autocrat, May War 2011
  • Head Cook, Twelfth Night 2012 feast 01/14/2012
  • Cook, College of Artemas Anniversary Tourney, 4/7/2012
  • Setup crew , May War 2012
  • Co-Steward, Potrero War 2013
  • Setup crew , May War 2016
  • Co-Steward, Potrero War 2018
  • Cook Calafia Anniversary Lunch 2018
  • Setup crew , May War 2019

Classes Taught

  • So you want to be an Autocrat.. May war 2011
  • The modern palate at a period feast May war 2011
  • Encampment cooking for dummies May war 2011


Rapier Champion of the Canton of Tanwayour 2011