Nafar Same

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20180405 171701.png
Nafar Sämé at al-Sahid anniversary 2002
Preferred title: Master
Their Pronouns: he/his
Resides: Dun Or
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Registerd. Per bend sinister sable and gules, a phoenix Or issuant from flames proper and a shark naiant Or.
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Nafar Sämé,(pronounced saw-may) which is shark in Japanese. Nafar started fencing in 2001 under the tutilage of Tora Taka, leader of the Black Tigers. Nafar started out in the kindom of Caid in the Barony of Dun-or and met up with The Cross and Dragon. The Cross and Dragon have disbanned since such time. Since then Nafar has traveled all over the known world learning different styles of sword fighting while making aligences with everyone he meets. After Nafar's travels of the world he returned to the Antelope valley to help instruct and help rebuild the fencing community in Dun-or. His goal is to spread the Black Tiger style and be an unofficial go between for the Tigers and the Barony of Dun-or. Nafar was offered admittance to the Caid Masters of Defense at Queens Champion on 03/23/2023 and elevated at Summer Coronation 2024 on 07/13/2024.


Aimless Fool, Pirate Captain of the mid 1500s Captain of the grand ship Phoenix. Born in Saudi Arabia. Born of a Hispanic origin, later traveled to Japan where he met Tora Taka. Tora then taught Nafar discipline and self awareness, with a blade. Then met up with the cross and dragon. Where he met Kelan McBride.