Durvyn Wildermuth von Wiesbaden

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Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Vairy Or and azure, in saltire a sword inverted wavy argent, hilted gules, and a quill pen argent
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Lord Durvyn Wildermuth von Wiesbaden received an Award of Arms on 07/08/1978 from TRM Armand and Diana


Durvyn is difficult to describe. He was remarkably intelligent and one of the most meticulous craftsmen I ever met. He was also socially awkward. And although the SCA of the time had a high tolerance for eccentric characters, he didn't always get the welcome that the SCA is famous for. Duke Aonghais Dubh MacTarbh, for all his flaws, was good at recognizing an unappreciated talent, of which Durvyn was definitely one. Aonghais took him in and gave him an SCA home in Clan Creachainn. While he was active, Durvyn did calligraphy and cut quill, bookbinding, rattan weapon construction, mail, leatherwork among other arts. I remember at one event, Durvyn sat down and calligraphed the entire feast menu in German Black letter with large steel pens, with letters six inches tall. It was a work of art. ~ Eadwynne of Runedun