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The Facets of Heatherwyne's Naval History

Part 1: A Brief History of the Founding of the Royal Caidan Navy

Long ago, in the timeless mists of Antiquity, a mighty war was fought between the armies of the Kingdoms of Atenveldt and Caid. The battle raged savagely. Two young warriors from Heatherwyne, Philip of Meadhe and Yaroslav the Persistent, happened to notice that the Atenveldt banner stood momentarily alone and unprotected. They looked at each other. With little discussion, and taking advantage of such a rare opportunity, they boldly captured it, a fair trophy for Caid. Soon the Atenveldters discovered the loss of their emblem of sovereignty. Howling and growling, the entire Atenveldt army charged toward the two brave young fighters.

Being Caidan, and therefore highly intelligent as well as daring, they retreated to a more defensible position. They splashed into a nearby pond, green with slime, algae, and slippery with duck poo. The Atenveldt army charged toward them, then came to a sudden halt at the water's edge. They looked at each other in sudden confusion. Only the most courageous Atenveldters dared brave the slime of the duck pond.

Philip held the banner while Yaroslav fought. They traded places. Yaroslav held the banner while Philip fought. They traded places again. When one tired, they switched again. Alternately and individually, each one single handedly held off the entire might of the Atenveldt army.

For this impressive deed of valor by two of its boldest warriors, and because the engagement took place "upon the water", Heatherwyne was appointed the Official Home of the Royal Caidan Navy, receiving thanks and grateful recognition from the Crown.

And this was the founding of the Official and First Navy of Caid. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Part 2: A Seacoast in Heatherwyne--The Unsolved Mystery

Of course, Heatherwyne was delighted to obtain official recognition from the Crown and sanction to guard and protect the Kingdom on the Seven Seas. What honor! What prestige! A survey was taken to determine a proper location for construction of a vast and up-to-date Navy Yard. However, a small problem arose.

The Heatherwyne populace was chagrined to discover that the Shire is actually landlocked. But a Royal Mandate such as this one may come only once in a lifetime. It must not be allowed to lapse due to small inconveniences. The solution was a diplomatic one: negotiations were conducted with the Barony of Angels to obtain a right-of-way to the sea. Access to the ocean was granted. An agreement was made for Heatherwyne to dig a canal from the Shire to the sea across Baronial lands, but Angels stipulated that it must be lined with gold.

Many ingots of the precious metal were transported and stockpiled at the construction site, and all was in readiness. Imagine the shock and confusion the next morning when engineers arriving early at the site discovered the massive pile of gold ingots was missing! This happened several times. Committees were formed, and investigations were made. Fingers were pointed and bitter recriminations ensued, but the cause of the loss was never determined officially and properly.

Being canny men, and nobody's fools, officials halted construction until the reasons for the mysterious disappearance could be determined. Construction of the canal will resume as soon as the supply of ingots is stabilized. So the situation remains to this very day.

According to reliable sources, an alternative is under discussion. If the canal bed could be planted with the native California Poppy (Escholtzia), the terms of the treaty would be fulfilled, at least in the springtime, and Heatherwyne would rightfully rule the seas.

---Lady Catherine de Winter


There is another fleet, but it's called the Royal Crescent Navy. (In heraldic lingo, the crescent indicates a second son.)

I don't know the year of this naval battle, but Caid has been a Kingdom for about 27 years.

---Catherine Ensign, Royal Caidan Navy

Members of the Navy

Captain and Secretary of the Admiralty


First Lieutenant



  • ? - Catherine

Unknown Rank

Commission papers for the Royal Caidan Navy