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Canton of Gorgonoth
Fp75 Riverside Library crop.jpg
Gorgonoth fighter practice at Riverside Downtown Library, 1975
Founded: 28 October 1972
Modern Location: Riverside & San Bernardino counties, California

Former canton of Angels, which become Dreiburgen


Meaning: Named for San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California (11,485 feet), located east of San Bernardino

First event: was Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tourney on 10/29/72 at Fairmont Park, Riverside, Waldt von Markheim was the autocrat and Seneschal

Became the Barony of Dreiburgen on 01/08/1974

Memories of the Founding Groups

  • To Keradwc and anybody else who's interested: Gorgonoth (canton of Angels), founded by Waldt and Alison von Markheim became the Barony of Dreibergen with Alison and Waldt as first Baroness and Baron. They called it Dreibergen because of the three big mountains within the Barony's borders : Mount San Gregorio, Mount San Jacinto, and (!) Mount Baldy (!). Now, all of you present and former caidans (of which I am one too!) are probably thinking: but Mount Baldy's in Heatherwine!?! Well, Mount Baldy is in Heatherwine, but Heatherwine wasn't around when Dreibergen was founded. The area that makes up Heatherwine today was originally part of Dreibergen. That territory was ceded when Heatherwine became a shire. Now when Alsion told me the story of the founding of Dreibergen (because I foolishly wanted to know where the name came from...), after she told me about giving Mount Baldy away to Heatherwine, I asked her why they didn't change the name to "Zweibergen" (I even kept a straight face when I did this, which was remarkable under the circumstances). And the look I got out of Alison can only be imagined if you know Alsion (if looks could wither, I'd be a prune by now...). ::Ya sure, it was fun!: The Completely Innocent Tux (really! no kidding! would I ever pull anyone's leg?!? Me?!?) (FROM: Stefan's Florilegium) From: Meisterin Therasia von Tux, OP, Date: 20 May 91 22:23:20 GMT (Insignificant Pondscum)
  • (I went to a meeting) at the Riverside Public Library. I don’t remember who all was there as it was a very small meeting, those I do remember were, Veldt & Alyse Von Markheim, Renfield Wander Scribe of the Inland March, Thomas of the Double Axe, and of course myself. We met several more times and decided to form a branch of the SCA out of Calafia as Waldt had come from Jamul, in San Diego, we called our selves The Canton of Gorgonoth. I think we were able to get organized enough to get a calendar date for our first tournament in AS VII (Oct. 29, 1972) Halloween being the only date available. We were going to call the Winner of the tourney the Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth, however there were so many gopher holes in the tourney field that unofficially it became the gopher slayer of Gorgonoth, I believe the winner was Sir Einar House Enveld, I also believe the final battle between Sir Einar and Sir Christian of Orange went 18 minutes, that of course was before either of them was Knighted. We were Gorgonoth for several years, holding tourneys, mostly our anniversary in Oct. and recruiting. I don’t remember many new members coming from either San Bernardino or Redlands, however I was actively recruiting at Riverside City College where I manage to pull in Pietro & Christine who put on some of the best revels (Pietro got an Award of Arms for that, Christine should have gotten one for the same thing at the same time), Dave Finnin also came from there. About AS VII or maybe AS VIII I think I came up with the idea to promote the group and the SCA by flying Duke Paul down from the Bay Area for a fighter clinic/demo to correspond with the Riverside Public Library’s spring book sale, the demo was held on the front steps of main Library, we had people from Angels, Calafia, & Failte (Orange County), it was huge. It was so successful in fact that we decided to do it again the next year. When we contacted Duke Paul he said sure, but could we include air fare for Duchess Carol (we said yes) we had an even larger turnout. It was also about this time as I remember it that we had out grown Canton status but not yet achieved Baronial status. ~ Æoelwig Æoelfwigson (transcribed with minor edits by Eadwynne of Runedun)

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