Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tourney 1972

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Location: Gorgonoth
Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA
Date: 10/29/1972

Although advertised as being hosted by "House Markheim," this was the first event of the Canton of Gorgonoth, later to become Dreiburgen. Waldt von Markheim was the seneschal, and later Baron.

From The Page (October, 1972)


The House Markheim (an independent household located in Riverside, to the east of the Barony of the Angels) is hosting the "Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tournament" on Sunday, October 29, in Fairmont Park, Riverside. All are invited. It will be held on the northern shores of Lake Evans in Fairmont Park. Set up should start about 10 a.m., and events should start around 12 noon. Food may or not be provided. There will be revels afterwards for those who are so inclined (bring thine own booze). A waiver will be available. (directions omitted).


On Sunday, October 29,Armand de Sevigny won the list to become the 1st Dragon Slayer.


  • This event predates me, but I asked Baron Sir Waldt von Markheim about this event and I asked why it was called, "Invitational." He said that in the real world there were many "Invitational Events," and that the folks that put this event on simply thought it would increase the appeal. It was never exclusionary because everyone was "invited." ~ Eadwynne of Runedun

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