2nd Gorgonoth Tourney 1973

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Dragonslayer of Gorgtonoth.jpg
Dragonslayer of Gorgonoth presentation scroll to Sir Christian of Orange, Oct 27th, 1973 / AS VIII
Location: Fairmont Park, Riverside, CA
Date: 10/27/1973

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The 2nd Anniversary of the Canton of Gorgonoth was held at Fairmont Park in Riverside, CA. Co-Champions were Sir Christian of Orange and Lord Einar aus Enwelt Waldt von Markheim and Alys von Markheim (Alison von Markheim) were the autocrats. There were lists for First Dragon-Slayer of Gorgonoth, fighting, games, the second Barbed Pheon punning contest, breadbaking contests for white, dark, and other, and a contest for non-alcoholic beverages. A revel followed. Thomas of the Double Axe was now Master of Sciences. Christina Jehanne de Bruges won the punning contest and was admitted to the Order of the Barbed Pheon.

Winner of the Lists was Sir Christian of Orange.


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