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Events in 1972 in the South of the West Kingdom (now Caid)

Date Event Location
01/08/1972 Southern Twelfth Night 1972 Angels/Calafia/Isles
02/19/1972 First Calafia Tournament Calafia
02/19/1972 Royal Court of Inquiry Isles
03/26/1972 Spring Crown Tourney 1972 San Jose, CA
04/22/1972-04/23/1972 Overnight Tourney Angels
04/23/1972 Spring Tourney Calafia
05/06/1972-05/07/1972 Grossmont Renaissance Faire Calafia
06/30/1972-07/04/1972 Westercon/Mythcon Demonstration Angels
08/12/1972 Tri-Baronial Tournament Angels
09/02/1972 WorldCon Demo 1972 Angels
09/09/1972-09/10/1972 Angels Anniversary 1972 Angels
10/14/1972 Founder's Day Parade Calafia
10/29/1972 Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tourney Gorgonoth
11/04/1972 Calafia Anniversary 1972 Calafia


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