Angels Anniversary 1972

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Location: Angels Centinela Park, Inglewood, CA
Date: 09/09/1972

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2nd Barony of the Angels Anniversary Tourney, Centinela Park, Inglewood, CA. (Now part of the Barony of Lyondemere)

Event Description From: The Page (August/September, 1972)

The Barony of the Angels will hold an Anniversary Tournament on September 9th and 10th at Centinela Park in Inglewood. There will be overnight camping. Cooking facilities are available (gas burners, barbeque pits, and sinks are fairly close). All Society members are invited to attend.


I remember being bedazzled at this, my first SCA event. I had first heard about the SCA a week earlier, at the LA Worldcon. Bevin Fraser of Sterling told me of having had some nebulous correspondence from a few people out in the San Bernardino-Riverside area, where I lived, so I contacted them and found that they were already starting what was to become Dreiburgen, with semi-regular gatherings in Riverside. They included Alison and Waldt von Markheim, Carl Nelson (SCA name forgotten), Thomas of the Double Axe (Ed Sitch), and a few others. -- Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe

Angels Anniversary 1972 From the Kingdom of the West history site.


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