Spring Crown Tourney 1972

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Kingdom of the West
Location: West Coyote Lake Park, San Jose, CA, CA
Date: Mar 26, AS VI (1972)

For more information about this event: http://history.westkingdom.org/Year6/MarchCrown.htm

King Paul of Bellatrix knighted Bruno von der Eiche, who in addition to his martial prowess, was a talented artist. He drew the first map of Calafia.

Event Description From: The Page (February, 1972)

THE SPRING CROWN TOURNEY will be held on Sunday, March 26, AS VI, at Coyote Creek County Park in San Jose.


  • 8:00 Set up
  • 10:00 Qualifications for new fighters
  • 10:00 Palm Sunday Mass*
  • 11:00 Grand March
  • Court of King Paul and Queen Carol
  • Challenge matches (unbelted fighters see announcement from His Majesty)
  • 12:00 Deadline to register for Crown Lists
  • 1:00 Beginning of Crown Lists
  • 2:00 Queen's Tea
  • 4:30? Awards and crowning of Crown Prince and Princess
  • 5:00 Clean up site
  • 6:26 Sunset
  • It is well understood that the Society cannot be put in the position of sponsoring any religion, from Anglican to Zoroastrian. The Palm Sunday Mass will be held to one side of the field and attendance is optional. The Page has not received any information concerning Zoroastrian services scheduled for the day. Those interested in the Palm Sunday Mass should contact Father Ruthven of Rockridge at (phone omitted).

From The Page (Special Edition March AS VI):


His Majesty decrees that athletic events at the March Tourney shall include archery, javelin throwing, foot races, and pillow fights. Bring thine own equipment.

Her Majesty reminds the ladies of the Kingdom of the tea to be held at the Tourney at 2:00. Let all bring their own cups. Genteel refreshments will be served.

The Page is informed that anywhere up to sixty or eighty citizens of the Barony of Calafia may attend the March Tourney, and will need lodgings. Inhabitants of the Central Provinces are exhorted to provide floor space for these travelers. Calafians are advised to bring sleeping bags.


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