Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth

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A Dreiburgen Baronial Title

Created by Waldt and Alison given by the Baron originally to the heavy weapons winners of the Canton of Gorgonoth's Markheim Invitational Samhaine Tourney 1972 and 2nd Gorgonoth Tourney 1973; and then, once Dreiburgen had become a Barony, the Dreiburgen Anniversary and Spring Tournaments. The name Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth is historically based in Dreiburgen’s roots from when it was the Canton of Gorgonoth under the Barony of Angels. Gorgonoth is named for San Gorgonio, the highest peak in Southern California (11,485 feet), located east of San Bernardino

The name led to stories of the Dragons of Gorgonoth and the most fearsome of all Gorgonoth the Dreaded.

The Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth was retired by Rowena de Segovia and was unused until 05/01/2004 when Baron Malcolm Alberic brought the title back as a prize for the winners of Dreiburgen Spring Tournament

Known Holders of the Title

This traditional Dreiburgen Baronial title is not kept in the O.P. The Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth, as Champion of Dreiburgen, was originally the winner of the Heavy Lists at Dreiburgen Anniversary but the accolade was later granted to the Heavy Weapons winner of the Spring Tournament Dreiburgen. The title was retired by Baroness Rowena de Segovia and later revived by Baron Malcolm Alberic. circa 2003. The title Dragonslayer of Gorgonoth is granted, with permission of Their Excellences, the Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen, to all Heavy Weapons Champions of Dreiburgen from either the Baronial Anniversary or Baronial/Mons Draconis Spring Tournaments.


  • A pendant of a dragon tied in a Celtic knot


We called our selves The Canton of Gorgonoth. I think we were able to get organized enough to get a calendar date for our first tournament in AS VII (Oct. 29, 1972) Halloween being the only date available. We were going to call the Winner of the tourney the Dragon Slayer of Gorgonoth, however there were so many gopher holes in the tourney field that unofficially it became the gopher slayer of Gorgonoth... ~ Æoelwig Æoelfwigson


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