The Heatherwyne Song

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written for Heatherwyne by Amanda Januarius of Silver Woods and Annalind Airamid the Healer in a car driving home from an event. Sung to the tune of If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

There's nothing quite as fine as Heathewyne,
Oh, there's nothing quite as fine as Heathewyne,
You can drink it day and night,
And still get up to fight,
Oh, there's nothing quite as fine as Heathewyne,

You can search Caid from north to south
And find a brew or two
That won't offend your tongue and mouth,
And quite a few that do,
But those who think they like to drink
Come flocking to the Shire
That's got the mead we've all agreed
Will put out any fire.


The men of Heatherwyne, I've found,
Are fierce upon the field;
You probably can kill them
But they hardly ever yield.
They drink Heatherwyne for breakfast
So they're loyal, brave and true,
Cheerful, thrifty, clean and reverant
For at least an hour or two.


And you've heard about their ladies,
How they're beautiful and fair,
So delicate and graceful
That they seem to walk on air.
For they lace their tea with Heatherwyne
To keep their rosy cheeks
And their cheerful smile and sparkling eyes
For weeks and weeks and weeks.