Mini-Collegium Feb 1980

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Location: Lyondemere
Date: 02/23-24/1980


Needle Arts, held at "Saint Lucy's" (First Methodist Church of Inglewood, Inglewood, CA)

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

BRING STANDARD SEWING EQUIPMENT: The usual scissors, pins & pin cushion, tape measure & sewing basket notions will be of use in most classes. All other supplies, materials & booklets will be on hand to purchase (or will be handouts for classes, depending) a the Collegium.

Machine & Richelieu Embroidery Classes: Need zig-zag sewing machines. If you have one to loan, contact Master Alewaulfe the Red.

Needle Arts Display: Please bring your own & friend's (SCA or mundane) special needle arts projects to show off for Saturday evening. Items may be offered for sale, if desired, with a 10% commission to COLLEGIUM CAIDIS. Pass the word to others in your area, please.

FOOD: There are several fast-food places within walk of the church. Coffee & tea will be available during the day but no food will be fixed at the church except hot drinks. Sack lunchs may be put in the refrigerator at the church.

Adult Classes

Sat. Feb. 23

  • 8pm-11pm: An evening of needle arts displays & sales, dance lessons & a demonstration of making bobbin (or pillow) lace. Light refreshments will be served. Students & non-students of this session are invited. $1.50 per person at the door.

Sun, Feb. 24

Children's Classes

The Children of the Silver Crescent are invited to the NEEDLE ARTS COLLEGIUM on Feb. 23-24. Classes designed by Lady Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren will include making a small embroidered purse; beading a belt; embellingshing a satin Easter Egg; crewel stitching a badge; needlepointing a pin-cushion. A trip to a Textile Museum is also planned, plus other interesting diversions for active minds & bodies.

This is NOT a baby-sitting service; children will be expected to register for classes & pay attention to instructions. There will be a reprise of Saturday's lessons on Sunday to allow time to complete projects & obtain teachers' assistance.

Volunteers to help small hands manage needles & thread, follow instructions & maintain classes are needed. Volunteer docents for the museum trip are also needed. Contact Bjo of Griffin if you wish to help with this project of integrating the Children of the Silver Crescent into Collegium Caidis.

All children of Caid are considered to be part of the Silver Crescent; all that is required is your attendance & interest.

Instruction for CHILDRENS CLASSES are $2.00 per day per child, not per class. Instructors include Lady Elizabeth of Esvere and Mistress Catriona nicChlurain.

Sat, Feb. 23

  • 9am-11am: Needlepoint/Beading for Children
  • 11am-1pm: Trip to L.A. County Museum of Science & Industry (for children only) - bring a sack lunch
  • 2pm-4pm: Embroidery/Crewel for Childen
  • 4pm-6pm: Games & Diversions for Children

Sun, Feb. 24

  • 1pm-3pm: Continuation of Lessons & Projects from Saturday
  • 3pm-5pm: Games & Diversions for Children


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