Collegium Caidis Spring 1981

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Location: Dreiburgen
Riverside Community College
Date: 05/09-10/1981

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Anyone may enroll in Collegium Caidis classes. Membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism is NOT necessary. Interested friends & relatives are welcome to register for classes.

Students are requester to wear Medieval or Renaissance costume while attending a Collegium Caidis session unless otherwise stated in the Cource description. With advance arrangements, costumes may be borrowed from SCA members or a local Golden Ken (costume rental).

EVALUATION OF INSTRUCTION SHEETS: The Evaluation of Instruction sheets are also the role call for each class, unless it is turned in to the Instructor or the Registration Desk, student will not get credit for the class. The Evaluation of Instruction sheet allows students to 'grad' Instructors; It is turned in so that Collegium Caidis administrators may judge how successfully an Instructor taught a class. This Evaluation sheet often helps with ideas for new classes or different angles for old classes.

EVENING CLASSES: Any evening classes are for credit, therefore students must register for these, unless otherwise noted in the Course Description.

GRADES: There technically are no grades as such in Collegium Classes; all 'grades' are PASS/FAIL and are decided by the instructor. A "no show" student is considered a DROP. Credits are figured in hours of PASS classes; at the end of a certain number of hours attended, the student will be awarded a certificate. An earned certificate from Collegium Caidis, while not a prerequisite to anySCA honor or award, will aid in proving the prospective candidate has received the necessary training in requisite skills & attributes of the nobility of the Current Middle Ages.

SUPPLIES TO BRING TO CLASS: Read the course description on what to bring to class & what will be supplied by the Instructor. Note taking materials (pen and paper) should be brought to all classes as a matter of course.

NOBILITY AT COLLEGIUM CAIDIS: Instructors of whatever rank or title in the SCA or everyday world, will be treated with the courtesy due to a teacher of knowledge. Fellow Collegium students of whatever rank or title should be treated as mere students while on the Collegium 'campus.'

READ THE BULLETIN BOARD near the Registration desk for updates of the latest Collegium information, class cancellations, or changes, additions etc. Announcements may be posted with permission of the Registrar. There will be no free auditing of classes. Collegium Caidis will not allow unregistered people to attend in classes.

FEES PAYING: Students willing to work before, during or after a session on jobs requiring no experience, can pay fees in this manner; tasks such as setting up classrooms, removing trash, rearranging chairs; administrators' work such as typing, registration assistance, helping set up or break down sessions, et. To volunteer contact the Registrar, Vice-Chancellor (or volunteer at a Collegium Caidis session).

CLASSROOM COURTESY: The students have paid a fee to listen ONLY to the Instructor of a class. The students have NOT paid fort interruptions by a fellow student with additions to the teachers' discussion. Be polite. If you have information really pertinent to the instruction, ask permission to speak up. Courtesy is the watch word.

CHILDREN AT COLLEGIUM CAIDIS: There generally is no babysitting at a Collegium Caidis session. Children are welcome to register for classes. with Instructor's permission, if they obey the rules. All young children or Collegium beginners should take only a few classes at first to see how they like the idea. Whenever possible, Children of the Caidan Crescents will present classes especially aimed for children, at a reasonable fee per child. Adults are welcome to add their crafts abilities to this endeavor. Children will not be allowed in any classes unless registered for that class. This includes Crescents classes at Collegium.

LATE REGISTRATION: To plan classes ahead of time, preregistration should be mailed or handed to a Collegium Caidis representative well before the seven-day cut off time. Thus we can know how many copies of handouts should be made for each class, what size room to choose for which class, etc. Some teachers have a minimum number of students they are willing to teach; a class might be cancelled due to lack of interest - supposedly - wll before the session. The registration form with this catalog may be copied to share with others. Send in the form before the seven (7) days in advance of any session or plan to pay a late Registration penalty fee. This will at least help cover some of the hassle of getting latecomers signed up and into class on time.

SUSTENANCE: Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches so as to continue lessons through lunch hour or visit with friends. Often a guild or other group in the hosting site-area will have food and drink for sale to boost their treasury; patronize these folks whenever possible. If feasible, maps to local restaurants will be made available for people who wish to go out to lunch and/or dinner in the area. Look for the maps at Registration or in an adjacent area.

THE CHILDREN OF THE CAIDAN CRESCENTS will be in session on Saturday, May 9. Children in attendance at Collegium Caidis on Sunday, May 10, will have to make arrangements to attend adult classes.


I was the site autocrat for this event. We had been having a lot of specialty Collegiums and Prince Adrian was asking for a full spectrum of classes as we had with Ithra. To do this we had to have a location big enough to support it and cheap enough we could afford it. I was a student at Riverside Community College at the time. A group of us, both SCA, Ren Faire folks and other like-minded people put together the "Current Medievalists Club" for which I was the President. We literally got the club together so we could have the Collegium. The ASB President, Tony Wiley, asked us to participate in some on-campus activities in order to gain support for our club and for the Collegium "activity." He asked us to participate in what he had hoped would be a renaissance fair (it ended up being a carnival with a few student booths including ours), and an on-campus fighting demo. Our on-campus faculty sponsor, a librarian, had not been attending our meetings so he didn't know about the on-campus fighting demo. It made the local Press Enterprise but it lost us our faculty sponsor who thought that we were just a "study group." This put our site access on hold, even though we had published in the Crown Prints. At the eleventh hour, one of the Art Teachers (Butchko?) stepped up as our faculty sponsor and we were able to continue with the event planning. And then at the eleven and a half hour, the campus decided that we needed a security guard and a janitor at the event and we had to pay for their salary for the day. I talked to Bjo who was the Collegium Chancellor and she confirmed that there was no such budget. Sooooo, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Administration waived the fee with the understanding that if we did it again we'd pay for janitorial and security service. The event went smoothly. All I had to do was open and lock the doors, because the Collegium staff did all the heavy lifting. I did get to teach a class in Period Chess. Sadly, I left for another college by the next semester and the club folded. We still had $50 in our account. Never got that back, but we had a good time. ~Eadwynne



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