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Submissions Heralds handle submissions at the kingdom level, including:

  • Making an initial decision whether to forward a submission to the College of Arms of the Society or to return it to the submitter for more work
  • Leading monthly meetings to make decisions
  • Composing and publishing the monthly minutes of the Caid College of Heralds
  • Composing and publishing the Letter of Intent to Register (this letter informs the SCA College of Arms of which Caidan submissions should be considered for registration--since 2007, this is done via the "Online System for Commentary and Response" [OSCAR])
  • Forwarding all necessary submissions forms

Originally, Crescent Principal Herald handled (directly or through deputies) all submissions at the kingdom level. In 2003, Dolphin Herald officially became in charge of publishing the Letter of Intent to Register and forwarding the submission forms. This is analogous to the job of "external submission herald" in other kigndoms.

Since November 2010, Dolphin Herald is the primary submission herald of the kingdom, directly responsible for making decisions on submissions.

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