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The Courtesy herald is one of the three major deputies of Crescent Principal Herald and is responsible for training voice heralds for royal courts, supporting the Golden Rose herald, and maintaining an expert level of court heraldry in Caid. From 2011 to 2014, this office was known as Silver Trumpet.

The Courtesy Herald in charge of court heraldry; a herald of at least Pursuivant rank, who shall be the deputy to the Crescent Herald responsible for:

  1. Coordinating voice and back-court heraldic assistance, with the advice and concurrence of the Crown, for Crown Tournament, Coronation, Festival of the Rose, Twelfth Night and other events as prescribed by Caidan custom and/or the Crown;
  2. Recruiting for and maintaining a list of warranted heralds, expert in the performance of court heraldry, from which the Crown and the Heirs may choose one or more personal heralds for the duration of their reigns;
  3. Acting as the Voice of the Heirs until they have chosen personal heralds or their own from the aforementioned list of warranted court heralds;
  4. Recruiting and supervising the training of new court heralds.
  5. Other tasks or duties as specified by the Crescent Herald.

The title refers to the Legion of Courtesy award.

Roll of Courtesy Pursuivants and Heralds

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