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"Consulting herald" is a generic job description for anyone who assists submitters with developing, documenting and submitting a name or device. Consulting heralds are regularly referred to as "book heralds" as well, because much of the work of consultation requires the use of books (or, in recent years, the internet).

Anyone can be a consulting herald, though it is best if submissions are sent to the local branch herald when ready for consideration. It takes some time to learn what works and does not work when developing submissions. Indeed, no consulting herald in the world "knows it all", rather, most have some general knowledge and specialize in specific subjects (say, "Arabic names" or "armorial design"). To learn about the system, a consulting herald must do their best to read, learn and advise submitters. Invariably, some submissions will be returned; each one a lesson in what not to do in the future. A good way to learn the submission process and what strategies work for navigating it is to attend monthly meetings of the Caid College of Heralds.

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