Seelie of Sutherlarach

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Resides: West
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Argent, a seahorse erect vert, in chief two thistles proper.

Her Excellency Sely Brianna Sutherland received her Award of Arms on 01/09/1982 from Their Eastern Majesties Aelfwine and Arastorm. She was admitted to the Order of the Laurel on 07/24/1993 by Their Western Majesties Christian and Susan


West Kingdom OP: Sely Brianna Sutherland

Previous names:

  • Sile Brianna Sutherland
  • Seelie Brianna Sutherland
  • Seelie of Sutherlarach

Offices & Positions

  • Kingdom Chatelaine, 04/1980 - 09/1980
  • Princess, West-Mists with Chandra Panthi, 05/11/1996-11/1996