Kingdom Equestrian Marshal

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Commonly referred to as the Kingdom Equestrian Officer (KEO).

The Kingdom Equestrian Officer, whose office is that of a deputy to the Kingdom Earl Marshal, and who shall be chosen by the Crown upon advice of the Earl Marshal and be duly warranted. The Kingdom Equestrian Officer shall appoint and supervise Equestrian Marshals as provided under the rules of the SCA, and shall be responsible for enforcing rules and regulations pertaining to all equestrian activities in the Kingdom of Caid. Reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal.

List of KEOs of Caid

Officers of Caid
Offices: Crown, Arts & Sciences, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Constable, Exchequer, Herald, Lists, Marshal, Seneschal, Webwright, Youth
Officer Groups: Army, College of Heralds, College of Scribes, Collegium Caidis, Crown Prints, Newcomers Guild, Water Bearer Guild
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