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The Earl Marshal’s area of authority is all martial and related activities practiced in the Kingdom, both those described by the Society handbooks approved for the office and proposed as additions to those handbooks. The Earl Marshal bears primary responsibility for promoting both the safety and the authenticity of the martial and related activities in the kingdom but works with other officers in their areas of mutual interest. The Earl Marshal is responsible for issuing and maintaining authorizations for all participants and warranting marshals for the kingdom.

The Earl Marshal is in charge of the Marshallate. The responsibilities of the Earl Marshal includes:

Badge of the Office of the Marshal; Sable, two swords in saltire Or.
  • Making and enforcing such rules and regulations as are appropriate concerning SCA-sanctioned combat in the Kingdom, with the aims of making such fighting as authentic, safe, fair, and diverting as is reasonably feasible. The power of the Earl Marshal to make rules will extend to any matter directly concerned with SCA-sanctioned combat in the Kingdom. Prior to changes or new versions to the Kingdom Armored Combat Handbook being placed before the Crown for approval, the proposed changes must be placed before the Order of the Chivalry for comment and recommendations at least two months prior to the change in the document. In a likewise fashion the changes to the Rapier Combat Handbook shall be placed before the Order of Defense for comment and recommendation at least two months prior to the change in that document. This shall be an advisory process and may be done at a meeting or via email with the secretary of the order summarizing the results to the Crown and Earl Marshal prior to one month of the change in the document.
  • Maintaining an accurate record of fighter authorizations.
  • Making such rules and regulations regarding the warranting and ranking of Marshals in the Kingdom as are appropriate.
  • The Earl Marshal shall be the immediate superior to:

List of Earl Marshals of Caid

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