Erenric of Devon

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Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Altavia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
SA, a pegasus salient to sinister, wings addorsed, and on a chief AR 3 decrescents gules
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Baron Sir Eronric of Devon

He was elevated to the Order of the Chivalry on July 7, 2004 by Brand and Nuala, King and Queen of Caid.


Eronric was born in the town of Isca Dumnoniorum, a community outside of Exeter in the province of Devon on the isle of Briton. He is the grandson of the last Prefect of the Second Augustan Legion. His grandfather remained after the legions were withdrawn and setup the local militia with the Saxons who had been invited in to defend the Saxon Shore. Taking a Saxon wife, he became part of the Saxon community.

Eronric's father took over as the leader of the local militia and taught Eronric the martial arts. As a boy Eronric would always listen to his grandfather's tales of the vastness of the world and longed to see the "great empire" for himself. So when Eronric's father's forces aided in a great victory at the battle of Mount Badon, Eronric signed up with a local Thegn. This Thegn was joining the campaign of the commander of the victorious army to march on Rome.

While battling across the lands of the Frankish Empire the Thegn betrayed his sworn man, so Eronric went his own way. He lived by working as a mercenary, traveling farther and farther east, following the greatest conflicts. At a point in his journeys he crossed a great river and entered the land his grandfather called Gaul. There he meet up with two warriors (their ancestors would later become the Von Kolns and the Maximilians.) Although Eronric was gladdened to be in good company, he had still not finished seeing the land of his grandfather. Eronric resumed his travels, making it as far as North Africa in his journeys.

During this time Eronric's friends prospered gaining lands and titles, they also started a war band, which Eronric joyously joined. So when Eronric would hear of war in the land of his friends he would race back so that he could fight by their side.

In the fullness of time Eronric tired of his wanderings and returned to this land on the Rhine. He has decided to settle there hoping to win lands and titles of his own.


Eronric is a Baron and Knight of the Sons of the Lorelei Warband.

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Taught "Coming Down the Pike" class at Collegium 2009, 2010