Golden Lance Premiere Ceremony

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The ceremony used to induct Arabella da Siena as the premiere of the Order of the Golden Lance, newer ceremonies are likely available from the heralds.

The Order of the Golden Lance of Caid

At the Crown's pleasure prior to the ceremony the herald shall assemble the Companions of the Order:


Their Majesties request that the Companions of the Order of the Golden Lance here present attend Them.

As the Companions assemble the herald shall continue:

In the 38th year of the Society, the Order of the Golden Lance was created to recognize and promote exceptional expertise in all aspects of the equestrian art, and those who have, through service to the equestrian community, advanced and promoted those arts. In the 43rd year of the Society, by treaty with the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Trimaris, King Sven II and Queen Kolfinna II established the Order of the Golden Lance of Caid.

This Order recognizes those whose skill in the equestrian arts is worthy of renown, but which exceptional skill is exceeded by their service to the equestrian community.

The Order shall bear with it a Grant of Arms and shall rank equally in precedence with the Order of the Crescent, the Order of the White Scarf of Caid, the Gauntlet of Caid, the Order of the Lux Caidis and the Order of Chiron.

When the Companions are fully assembled the herald shall continue:

At this time Their Majesties summon Arabella da Siena to present herself before the Throne of Caid.