Golden Lance Treaty

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The treaty signed by Sven II and Kolfinna II at Gulf Wars 2009 when Caid joined the inter-Kingdom Order of the Golden Lance.


Treaty of the Golden Lance We, the kingdoms signatory to this treaty, desire to offer deserved and due recognition to those in Our respective kingdoms who have demonstrated exceptional expertise in the arts of equestrian activities and who have, through service to the equestrian community, advanced those arts and promoted them; and

We desire to promote the equestrian arts within Our separate realms, and to other realms, by this recognition of exemplar individuals; and

We desire to establish in, between, and throughout Our realms a singular order to accomplish this recognition, such that all who hold membership in this order will be recognized equally for their skills and service to the equestrian arts among and within all kingdoms signatory to this treaty; and

We desire to register this order name and similar badges for each kingdom signatory to this treaty with the College of Arms.

Article the First

We do each therefore establish, create, and recognize within Our separate realms, according to Our kingdom law and the Laws of Arms, the Order of the Golden Lance. Further, We each declare that a member of this order inducted in any other kingdom signatory to this treaty shall be welcomed in all of Our realms and accorded the rights and precedence granted to Our own kingdom’s members of this order. We do not, save only by the terms of other treaties in force if any are applicable, grant to any other kingdom the right to confer membership in this order upon one of Our populace without prior consultation with Us or Our successor Kings and Queens.

Article the Second

We do each grant to each and every other kingdom signatory to this treaty permission to conflict with our respective name and badge registrations for this Order of the Golden Lance for purposes of each kingdom’s registration of the order with the College of Arms. We do each recognize that such permission granted cannot be revoked once registrations are completed. This treaty text shall be included with each registration of name or badge to the College of Arms and shall constitute documentation of such permission to conflict as the College may require.

Article the Third

We each mutually recognize that the name of this order registered to each signatory kingdom will add the kingdom name to the end of the phrase: “Order of the Golden Lance of”.

Article the Fourth

We each mutually recognize that the badge registration by each signatory kingdom for this order will include the charge of “a lance Or” as either a primary charge or as an overall charge, all other badge components to be determined by each signatory kingdom. We each further mutually declare that members of this order are at any time entitled to wear either the badge of this order of the kingdom in which they were made members or the badge of the order of the kingdom in which they currently reside.

Article the Fifth

We do each direct and charge, through enactment of this treaty, Our respective Colleges of Heralds to speedily register the order name and badge for Our respective kingdoms with the College of Arms.

Article the Sixth

We, the kingdoms signatory to this treaty, do further declare Our intent to encourage other realms in the pursuit of the equestrian arts and to welcome such kingdoms who pursue these ideals to join this treaty as they may desire.

By Our Hands, duly witnessed by Our Principal Heralds, do We enact these articles and make their terms binding as law in Our respective kingdoms in accordance with the procedures and laws of Our kingdoms.

Gunthar II
King of Ansteorra
Queen of Ansteorra
Alden Drake
Duly Witnessed: Star Principal Herald
Thorstenn II
King of Trimaris
Zephyrine II
Queen of Trimaris
Octavio de Flores
Duly Witnessed: Triskele Principal Herald
Sven II
King of Caid
Kolfinna II
Queen of Caid
Giles Hill, Proxy for Su of the Silver Horn
Duly Witnessed: Crescent Principal Herald

Hard Copy



TRMs Ansteorra signs the treaty


TRMs Caid signs the treaty


TRMs Trimaris signs the treaty


Heralds of Ansteorra and Trimaris sign the treaty


Herald of Caid signs the treaty


The signed treaty.

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