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Every Kingdom--whether historical, fictional, or re-created--has a history, and ours is no exception. On these pages you will find tales, pictures, and references to the history of the Laurel Kingdom of Caid. Born out of the "Four Baronies in the South" of the Kingdom of the West, we have grown and flourished over the past almost 40 years.

Some of what you see here comes is part of our legacy from the Kingdom of the West, and some is from our own activities since we became a kingdom on June 3, 1978 (AS XII). We are always updating and improving the collection, so if you have something to add--picture, event chronicle, article, or a "No ____, There I Was" story--please send it to the Compendium Editor-in-Chief THL Lachlan Cromarty at caidhistory@sca-caid.org.

Attributions have been given everywhere we have them, but if you find something improperly attributed, please let us know. Many thanks to Master Hirsch von Henford in the Kingdom of the West for his kind permission to use material from the West Kingdom History site that has to do with Caid's early years.

For all questions about Caid's history, please contact the Kingdom Historian, Baroness Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano at caidhistory@sca-caid.org


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