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This document represents the combined efforts of many people, including Baron Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim, Duchess Neptha of Thebes, Duchess Diana de Savigny, Master Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling, Sir Charles of Dublin, Baron John ap Griffin, Baroness Gabrielle nicChlurain, Mistress Joan of Crawfordsmuir, Baron Conrad von Regensburg, Countess Bevin Fraser of Stirling, Baron Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux, Mistress Mary Taran of Glastonbury, Mistress Eowyn Amberdrake, Viscountess Caitriona ni Bhriain, Baroness Isabeau Eaglestone of Glinwood, Thegn Eadwynne of Runedun, and Baron Paganus Grimlove, as well as Master Wilhelm von Schlussel and Master Hirsch von Henford (West Kingdom) and Master Michel Wolffauer (East Kingdom).

Disclaimer: THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! This history may have errors in it, as some of the information relies on human memory rather than printed documentation, so your kind indulgence is appreciated. Please send corrections and additions to Baroness Catharine Hawkwod da Barbiano at caidhistory @ sca-caid dot org.

Before Caid

You will find details about the early history of the Kingdom of the West at which is managed by Master Hirsch von Henford. Whether you were active then or not, you are encouraged to visit the site and see what the SCA was like in its early days. You are also encouraged to explore the Compendium to see specific details about Caid's populace and various territorial areas.

Historical happenings of note:

The Principality of Caid

The Kingdom of Caid

On June 3, 1978, Caid became a kingdom. To view subsequent events, type "Events" and the year you'd like to see in the Search box on the left (i.e., Events 1982), or return to the Main Page and select "Events" in the Navigation section.

Baronies of Caid

Barony Founding Baronage Baronage SCA Year Calendar Year Notes
Altavia Robear and Kristin Altavia Baronage A.S. VIII 5/14/1983
Angels Pwyll and Rhiannon Angels Baronage A.S. V 9/6/1970 A Founding Barony of Caid
Calafia Talanque and Rowen Calafia Baronage A.S. VI 05/01/1971 A Founding Barony of Caid
Dreiburgen Waldt and Alison Dreiburgen Baronage A.S. VIII 01/08/1974 A Founding Barony of Caid
Dun Or Tuvor and Doria Dun Or Baronage A.S. XXVI 10/17/1992
Gyldenholt Armand and Diana Gyldenholt Baronage A.S. XIV 01/12/1980
Isles Jessica Isles Baronage A.S. VIII 12/31/1972 A Founding Barony of Caid; Became a Shire in 1979
Lyondemere Conrad Lyondemere Baronage A.S. XIII 06/03/1978
Naevehjem Wulfhere and Scannlach Naevehjem Baronage A.S. XXVI 11/16/1991
Nordwache Kenneth and Eleanor Nordwache Baronage A.S. XVI 01/31/1982
Southron Gaard Sigurd and Eleonora Southron Gaard Baronage A.S. XXX 03/23/1996 Now a part of the Kingdom of Lochac
Starkhafn Keradwc and Miscel Starkhafn Baronage A.S. XVII 10/31/1982
Western Seas Lewis the Landless and Beringaria of Western Seas Western Seas Baronage A.S. XV 08/3/1980 A Palatine Barony
Wintermist Einarr and Kale Wintermist Baronage A.S. L 10/10/2015

Early Days of Caid: The Kingdom

Kingdom Championships "other firsts"

Caidan "Firsts"

Date Occurrence Details
01/03/1970 1st Caidans to receive Awards of Arms Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo of Griffin) & John ap Griffin, at West Kingdom 12th Night 1970
09/06/1970 1st Barony in the SCA Barony of the Angels (The Kingdom of Atenveldt was founded as a Barony in November 1969, but there was no Baron so it was designated a Province, then a Principality, and eventually the 4th Kingdom).
01/09/1971 1st Caidan 12th Night Caid 12th Night 1971, Barony of Angels
01/09/1971 1st Baronial Order in the SCA Order of the Seraphic Star, Barony of Angels
05/01/1971 1st Caidan Court Baron Pwyll pen Tyrhon, at Beltane Coronation Festival 1971
02/1972 1st Canton in the SCA Canton of Naess, Originally in the Barony of Angels
03/26/1972 1st Caidan to be knighted (at a West Kingdom event) Bruno von der Eiche, at Spring Crown Tourney 1972
10/13/1973 1st Caidan knighted at a Caidan event Christian of Orange, at Angels Anniversary 1973 (Hugh the Undecided and William Gordon of York were also knighted)
10/13/1973 1st Caidan to receive West Kingdom's Queen's Order of Grace (QOG) Hugh the Undecided, at Angels Anniversary 1973
10/20/1973 1st Shire in the SCA Riesling (Originally part of the Kingdom of the West)
05/05/1974 1st Caidan Pelican Bevin Fraser of Stirling, at Beltane Coronation Festival 1974
05/05/1974 1st Principality Seneschal Bevin Fraser of Stirling
06/09/1974 1st Prince & Princess of Caid Christian of Orange & Denysa de las Mariposas, at First Coronet and Coronation Tournament 1974
08/1974 1st "unofficial" newsletter Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo of Griffin) & John ap Griffin
09/21/1974 1st Caidan to receive Mucking Great Clubbe (MGC) for ferocity on the field Martin the Temperate, at Autumn Crown Tournament, Kingdom of the West
01/1975 The Albert Fund established Designated by Maneke Neko Cat Banks
03/22/1975 1st Caidan to receive Order of the Battered Helm for Best Death on the field Einar aus Enwelt, at Spring Crown Tourney, Kingdom of the West
04/26/1975 First Caid Rebellion Held in Rieslingshire, now Barony of Nordwache
05/03/1975 1st Caidan to receive West Kingdom's Queen's Cypher Daniel the Bard
08/02/1975 1st Caidan Laurel Bevin Fraser of Stirling, given at West Kingdom Purgatorio 1975
09/27/1975 1st Caidan to receive double peerage on the same day Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo of Griffin)
04/24/1976 1st Caidan Court Baroness Rosemary of Talmont, given at Spring Coronet Tournament 1976
06/01/1976 1st Caidan to receive the Order of the Dolphin Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo of Griffin)
06/30/1976 University of Ithra at Caid established; became Collegium Caidis. 1st Chancellor Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (Bjo of Griffin)
09/1976 1st Caidan to receive Legion of Courtesy Su of the Silver Horn
01/1977 1st Caidan laws are published in the Crown Prints Current Boke of Caidan Law
01/08/1977 Petition for Kingdom status presented at Kingdom of the West 12th Night Martin the Temperate & Arabella Lyon de Rohese; Eloise of Lancaster presented the petition to Andrew of Riga & Patrice d'Cilla
06/04/1977 Youngest Princess in the SCA Lorissa du Griffin, at Summer Investiture Tournament 1977
03/18/1978 1st and only Caidan Monarchs of the Kingdom of the West Gregory of York & Bevin Fraser of Stirling, 29 Apr 1978 - 3 Jun 1978
04/22/1978 First Crown Tournament 1978 Held in the Barony of Dreiburgen
06/03/1978 First Coronation Festival 1978 Armand de Sevigny & Diana de Savigny, in Barony of Angels
06/03/1978 1st Laurel given by Crown of Caid Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon, given at First Coronation Festival 1978
08/20/1977 1st Crown Prints Prize Tourney Created by Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani, held in Isles
11/18/1978 1st Knight created by Crown of Caid Patrick of Innisfree, Given at 2nd Caid Coronation
01/13/1979 1st Pelican created by Crown of Caid Catriona nicChlurain, Given at Caid 12th Night 1979
01/25/1990 1st Make-A-Wish Tournament held in the SCA Angels Melee Tourney 1990
05/02/2015 Caid elevates the 1st members of the Order of Defense Shire of Darach 40th Anniversary 2015, Alexander Kallidokos, Laertes McBride, and Colwyn Stagghorn,

Western Rulers of Caid

King Queen SCA Year Calendar Year
Andrew of Riga Salome de las Palomas [1] A.S. VIII-IX 5 Jan 1974 - 4 May 1974
William of Hoghton [2] Donna of Rollingwood [3] A.S. IX 4 May 1974 - 3 Aug 1974
Douglas Longshanks Lorna of Leeds A.S. IX 3 Aug 1974 - 4 Jan 1975
Paul of Bellatrix Carol of Bellatrix A.S. IX-X 4 Jan 1975 - 3 May 1975
Andrew of Riga Patrice d'Cilla A.S. X 3 May 1975 - 2 Aug 1975
Douglas Longshanks Lorna of Leeds A.S. X 2 Aug 1975 - 10 Jan 1976
William of Hoghton [4] Donna of Rollingwood [5] A.S. X-XI 10 Jan 1976 - 1 May 1976
Paul of Bellatrix Carol of Bellatrix A.S. XI 1 May 1976 - 31 Jul 1976
Kevin Peregrynne [6] Patrice di Coeur Fidel [7] A.S. XI 31 Jul 1976 - 8 Jan 1977
Andrew of Riga Patrice d'Cilla A.S. XI 8 Jan 1977 - 23 Apr 1977
Terrence of Halliday [8] Jennet of Two Minds [9] A.S. XI-XII 23 Apr 1977 - 30 Jul 1977
Paul of Bellatrix Carol of Bellatrix A.S. XII 30 Jul 1977 - 7 Jan 1978
Terrence of Halliday [10] Allissandra Olympia de Martiessa [11] A.S. XII 7 Jan 1978 - 29 Apr 1978
Gregory of York Bevin Fraser of Stirling A.S. XII-XIII 29 Apr 1978 - 3 Jun 1978 (Caid became a Kingdom)