Early Days of Caid: The Kingdom

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Caid presented its petition for Kingdom status at the Kingdom Twelfth Night, January 8, 1977 (A.S. X). The deputation included Prince Martin the Temperate and Princess Arabella Lyon de Rohese, Mistress Gabrielle Nicole Devereaux NicChlurain who was Principality Seneschal, Baron Conrad von Regensburg who was Crescent Herald and members of the populace, including (need names). The procession marched in to a recorded song, "Gold We Bring You, Andrew of Riga" which had been composed by Mistress Joan of Crawfordsmuir to the tune "Sabbath Prayer" from "Fiddler on the Roof" and sung by Lord Cedric the Dark and Lady Natalya de Foix (then Fiona MacGregor.)

The petition was received and approved by Their Majesties Andrew of Riga and Patrice d'Cilla. Caid's Coronet Tourney, previously scheduled for June 1978, was instead Caid's first Crown Tournament. It was won by Armand de Sevigny for Diana de Savigny.

East Kingdom Photo Set

Several years ago, at a Darkover Grand Council convention in Timonium, MD, Duchess Natalya de Foix was asked for her help in identifying some old SCA photos, including some of Caid in the early days. Thanks to Master Michel Wolffauer, the East Kingdom Historian, we are able to share them here.

001-Griffin.jpg - 001 - John ap Griffin and Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (formerly Bjo of Griffin) in 12th Night garb created by Master Alewaulfe the Red

002-Caid.jpg - 002 - The knighting of AEthelred the Jute by Their Majesties Balin of Tor and Amsha al Sirhan - 05/31/1980

003-Caid.jpg - 003 - Guinevere de Bremble, Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst, Amsha al Sirhan - 05/31/1980

004-Caid.jpg - 004 - Conrad von Regensburg, Bevin Fraser of Stirling, Thin Robert of Lawrence, Lasarian Eireannach Aemrythorne of Eildon Hall (Lasarian of Twynswr), Amsha al Sirhan, Balin of Tor - 05/31/1980

006-Caid.jpg - 006 - Conrad von Regensburg, Thin Robert of Lawrence, Amsha al Sirhan - 05/31/1980

012-Caid.jpg - 012 - Neptha of Thebes, Martin the Temperate - procession to coronation, 5/31/1908

005-Caid.jpg - 005 - Martin the Temperate, Neptha of Thebes, Amsha al Sirhan, Balin of Tor - coronation of Martin I and Neptha I, 05/31/1980

011-Caid.jpg - 011 - Kathe Williz von Mainz, Brian Saunders

013-Caid.jpg - 013 - Neptha of Thebes, Robear du Bois

014-Caid.jpg - 014 - Jessyca Llyrindi of Northmarch at University of Ithra

015-Caid.jpg - 015 - Eyana bat David (dec.), Elizabeth of Esvere, Raoul the Urbane (dec.), Sarah Telyn, Thelin von Kallenbach

016-Caid.jpg - 016 - Duryn the Red

017-Caid.jpg - 017 - Unknown

018-Megwyn.jpg - 018 - The Angels Dragon (signed Megwyn of Glendwry)

019-Megwyn.jpg - 019 - Guy de Montvert (signed Megwyn of Glendwry)

020-Megwyn.jpg - 020 - Barony of the Angels, The Angels Dragon at Arroyo Seco Park (signed Megwyn of Glendwry)

021-Woodlyn.jpg - 021 - Tamsin of the Raven Tresses, Andrew of Riga (Stamped Linda/Fredrick of Woodlyn)

022-Woodlyn.jpg - 022 - Nyla of Woodlyn (Stamped Linda of Woodlyn)

023-Caid.jpg - 023 - Patrice d'Cilla, Andrew of Riga, William (boy), Anne - of Cheshire, Martin the Temperate, Neptha of Thebes, Jessyca Llyrindi of Northmarch

More of this photo set can be found at Early Days of Caid: The Principality