Angels Melee Tourney 1990

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Location: Arcadia Regional County Park
Date: Jan 1990

Event Information

In 1990, the annual Angels Melee Tourney hosted the Make-a-Wish Tournament. In addition to that, "There will be a lot of fighting to get the blood pumping, a 6-man team Round Robin tourney interspaced with melees should make everyone satisfied." (From the Jan 1990 CP)


  • On-site Calligraphy (bring your own pens)
  • Best and Worst Death
  • Most Chivalric Fighter on and off the field
  • Best Solution for a tactical Situation


  • 9:30 am - Lists open
  • 10:30 am - Opening Court
  • 11:30 am - Fighting starts
  • 5:00 pm - Closing Court

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(From CP Jan 1990) Their Royal Majesties, Guy and Darla, invite the entire Kingdom of Caid to join them at the ANGELS MELEE TOURNAMENT on January 27, 1990, at Arcadia Regional County Park, to welcome their adopted ten year old son-for-a-day, PRINCE GUNTHER, our guest from the Los Angeles Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Fighters, sharpen your swords! Our Prince-to-be breathlessly awaits the demonstration of your chivalric melee skills, and the chance to award the winning team with a favor declaiming his high esteem.

Musicians, singers, dancers, craftsmen and noble folk can make Gunther's dream a reality by bringing your talents, kind words, the warmth of your presence to this tourney. If your journeys take you elsewhere on this special day, you still have a chance to participate.

MASTER Atar Bakhtar, blademaker extraordinaire, has graciously offered a matched sword and dagger set as a prize to be raffled during the Tournament. Chances are a dollar ($1.00) each, to be sold by mail or at the site, with the winning name to be chosen by our Prince. Send your check or money order, payable to SCA-Kingdom of Caid to Lord Manfried Odo von Falkenmond, Raffle Coordinator (personal information withheld)

If you do not wish to enter the raffle, but would like to send a contribution, send a check or money order, payable to the SCA-Kingdom of Caid, to Lady Ygraine o Gaerllion Fawr, Contributor Coordinator (personal information withheld)

VOLUNTEER INFORMATION: If you would like to volunteer your services, please contact the following coordinators: (personal information withheld on event staff listed above)


From Margarette Rose, Thurs, 21 Sept 2000, The College of Rencester, Kingdom of Atlantia, Inspiration Page

Make-A-Wish (A Day of Magic)

Long ago in a kingdom on the West Coast, there was a small tourney. This tourney was the first "Make-a-wish" tourney that I ever attended. The foundation had brought a, small eight year old boy in a wheel chair, to the event. It was his "hearts desire" that he should be "King for a Day." As with all who qualify for this foundation, he was dying. He had cancer of the brain and the doctors had given him, 2-3 months more to live. He was wheelchair bound, and on medication, but much more alert than most expected. His cute brown hair and big eyes seemed to eat up everything he saw!

The day was beautiful, not overly hot, and the skies were clear. The populace had crafted a crown, a scepter, and a cloak for "His Majesty". As we stood and bowed as he was brought down the center isle for opening court, the wind picked up and sent the banners snapping in the breeze. Two knights, attended His Majesty, as well as his Mother, who walked behind. Her eyes were misty as she watched total strangers giving her son his dying wish.

During opening court, the combatants for the day came forward and pledged their fights to His Majesty's honor. Without prompting, He smiled, thanked them, and wished them well. He was so grown up in his manners and speech. Everyone's heart caught in their throats.

Towards the end of the day, "His Majesties" attendants requested an audience with the Knights council and the King (ours). At the council meeting, one of the knights requested, that as this small child had through out the day shown bravery, honor, chivalry, and courtesy, he should be knighted, by our King for real. This knight offered his own belt for the lad, another came forward and offered his chain, still another offered his spurs and finally the last knight who came forward offered his "dagger" to serve as a sword for the new knight. There was one of the older knights who objected, saying that "they couldn't possibly knight this boy, who first was not a member of the society and who secondly wasn't even a fighter!" But as Our King pointed out, the child was dying and wouldn't live to gown up to be a fighter, but that he had been fighting this disease all of his life and had been able to be courteous through it all! The older knight, sat down. Also the King continued, saying, that he himself, had also watched the lad and indeed he could attest to his bravery, for he never should any discomfort, to anyone. At closing court His Majesty was knighted! Those attending court cried, those knights who gave up their own items cried and the day ended.

But this is not the end of the story. Nine or ten months later, his Mother came to an event. She wanted first to "thank us.", for making her sons last days so happy and to let us know that the doctors had credited the Society and its actions with prolonging the child's life. She also said that when things got really bad, he never cried, because, he said, "Real, knights had to be brave and since he was a real knight now, he had to be brave too." Also she wanted us to know that, he died with his belt, chain, and spurs on, holding his sword. She had buried him with the sword, belt and chain, but wanted to return the spurs to the Knight who had donated them. The knight in question, rose, and knelt before this lady, "It was an honor, My Lady, to count your son, as one of us." He told her. "Your son has taught us all the true meaning of bravery. Please keep the spurs as a remembrance of him and the honor he did us all." Many years have come and gone since this Make-a-wish tourney, but I still remember the generosity of the SCA and its ability to touch the every day world.


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