Angels Melee Tourney 1991

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Location: Angels
Date: 02/02/1991

Angels Melee and Baroness's Birthday Revel. Mistress Alinor Bellissima Montgomery was Baroness in her own right at the time.

Event Staff

  • Quartermistress: Anastasia
  • Melee-ocrat: Harada Yukimi, the Ornamental Pirate
  • Revel-ocrat: Mac Jack the Rabbit


From the Crown Prints

(Personal information removed) The Melee will be in six-man teams and ya better be thar to sign up at 9:30 in the mornin' cause that's when we say ya' got to be thar. Set-up is at 9:00, an' the lists tables close at 10:30. Fightin' starts at 11:00. We Ain't takin' no exceptions, matees! We want to see y'all dancing early on.

Thar will be contests throughout the day (walking the plank and bribing the Baroness, to name a couple) and on through the evenin'. The colours for the day are Purple and Gold and you best be dress like a pirate or we might mistake ya fer a dirty rottin Spaniard.

Since we be celebratin' her Excellency's birthday we thought it fittin' to have a "Please the Baroness Contest." (That will be in Musical Form Only, ye scurvy minded dogs!) Be prepared for a revel beyond all revels.

We be havin's dancin' and revelin' through the night, be we be needin' help too! Settin' up, cleanin' up and most of all Food! (Our stores arr usually wiped out by the time we reech land.)

This is a discreet site we're not sure whether to say discreetly damp, or discreetly wet yet. For those of ya comin' from afar, we be havin maps to hotels, motels, restaurants and the like at the event site.

We will be needin' help for the revel. If ye got anything Purple and Gold, any food, or two arms &/or legs that can be put to good use, be thar by 1:30 since most of us will be leavin' at two to set up the hall. If ye got an idea for a contest call our quartermistress.

Please note - Heatherwyne auction tentative.


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