West Kingdom Purgatorio 1975

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From the July 1975 issue of the Crown Prints

Purgatorio, the Northern Kingdom's two-day summer tourney and arts pentathlon, will be held this year over August 2 & 3, at Big Trees Camp Site in the East Bay Regional Park. The King has indicated a wish to see everyone in the Grand March carrying a banner or equally large device (a shield of surcoat will do).

(Written directions were accompanied by a hand-drawn map by Maestra Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani.)

The Arts Pentathlon requires at least 5 different entries to qualify for the Grand Championship of Arts, but an entrant can go for a prize in only 1 or 2 or so categories if they wish. Bonus points for 10 or more entries, too.

The contests are:

  • (1) Illumination: painting in any media with subject matter in period
  • (2) Calligraphy: concerning proficiency in lettering only but one entry may have both on it & be judged separately
  • (3) Music Composition: original piece in style of 1550 or earlier
  • (4) Music Performance: can be an original composition in period; entry can then be used for #3, too
  • (5) Dancing: court or specialize--Flamenco, folk, etc.
  • (6) Singing: vocal performance of pre-1550 work or composition in period
  • (7) Poetry: original
  • (8) Dramatic reading: own work or period, not to exceed 10 minutes
  • (9) Cookery: judged on taste & appearance
  • (10) Brewing: May wines or mead
  • (11) Metalwork: jewelry, armor, etc.
  • (12) Woodwork: utensils (chairs, spoon, etc.) or object d'art
  • (13) Costumery: judged on design & seamstresship
  • (14) Stitchery: embroidery, crewel, weaving, etc.
  • (15) Gurning: facemaking!

There was a July 20 deadline for the first 4 categories, but due to the arrival of the dimly printed PAGE so close to the deadline, the Mistress of Arts, Lady Christianne du Nord, has graciously given potential entrants permission to bring their entry with them to Purgatorio. If you are entering the Pentathlon, it is a good idea to call (number deleted) & inform the Mistress of Arts of your intention, especially if you are bringing a late entry! All Southern Californians who are planning to attend Purgatorio are urged to try entering as many contests as possible; at least make a showing!

Purgatorio Report

(printed in the November & December 1975 issue of the "Fantastically Illegal Communique" of Caid Principality)

This report is late due to the need to recover from crispy fried skin & scrambled brains (ours!): no need to explain the name of the tourney to anyone who was there.

At Opening Court, the last court of King Andrew of Riga & Queen Patrice d'Cilla, Lady Bevin Fraser of Stirling, Lady Tyra Stuart of Moray, Baron Piers Howells de Cambria & Baroness Ximena Aubel de Cambria were admitted to the Order of the Laurel. One Southerner was heard to exclaim "Far Out!" at the ceremony.

After lunch break, Court reconvened & Douglas Longshanks & Lorna of Leeds were crowned King & Queen of the West. Queen Lorna reactivated the Queen's Guard, naming Martin the Temperate as one of the members.

Mad dogs, Englishmen & SCA fighters then went out in the 'noonday' sun to fight. There was an interesting Shastan Melee which might have been arranged to satisfy those of us who felt deprived because we had tomiss the local NFL pre-season game: the melee looked suspiciously like a football game completed with a t point conversion. Ask Viscount Sir Hugh the Undecided about that one!

After dinner (the sun had mercifully put itself to bed but the head hadn't) there was a Bardic Circle that went on longer than some of us could stay (Martin the Temperate, exhibiting his usual temperance, stayed to the bitter end. . . )

At Closing Court, the next day (which unfortunately some of us could not attend, being on the long,long road for home), Fiona MacGregor won the Wooden Spoon for her cold soup - gazpacho, Rondal Negra Khan won the Gurning competition & Morven of Carrick won the Old Battered Helm for his glorious deaths on the field. Caid people entered most of the Decathlon Arts contests, at least exhibiting interest & creativity.

For more information, see http://history.westkingdom.org/Year10/Purg.htm