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The Order of the Seraphic Star, the first baronial service award in the SCA, was founded by Angels Vicar Sarkanyi Gero on January 9, 1971, A.S. V to recognize outstanding contributions to the Barony. The Crown-chartered Order was organized along the lines of traditional European orders of chivalry, with active membership limited to twelve at any given time. As evidenced by the list of recipients, this limitation is no longer the case.

The insignia of the Order at its inception was a stole-like mantle of pearl-grey moire faced with scarlet, with the intention that the Order's medallion, a star, would hang from the center point of the stole.

Membership in the Order was conferred by the Baron of the Angels, who served as Prefect of the Order, who was not a member during his tenure, but assumed a special membership status upon leaving the post of Baron. Companions of the Order, up to three at a time, were admitted at Caid Twelfth Night, with charter provisions to permit the admission of one additional member at mid-year, provided that the total number did not exceed twelve.

Companions of the Seraphic Star were expected to continue active service in the Barony not only as an individual but also as a group. This was most apparent in the creation of the Albert Fund, the name of which, if not the purpose, was familiar to most subjects of Caid when the Order was created. Albert, for whom the fund was named, was the son of Demetrius Christianson of Athens, a member of the household of Viscount Sir Christian of Orange. Albert was born nearly four months premature and, because of oxygen difficulties in his incubator, was almost totally blind. The fund was established to help defray Albert's educational expenses. The main source of the funds were derived from the sale of fighting waivers and baked goods at local events, and donations of the good people of Caid to the Maneki-Nekko1 cats. In 1978, Sarkanyi Gero closed the Order.

In 2004, it was restored by Baron Jason Thomas the Wanderer and Baroness Morgaine FitzStephen. Since then, the Baron and Baroness of the Angels admit new members after current members have been polled and the results reported to them by the Principal of the Order. Admission usually occurs at Angels Yule in December, and occasionally at Angels Anniversary in Sept/Oct.

1Donation collection was designated by the presence of a maneki-neko, the white, gold and green Japanese "welcome" or "lucky" cat statue with one paw raised.


No title is associated with this honor.


The badge of the Order is: (Fieldless) A mullet of six points argent surmounted by a set of seraph's wings Or, which was registered in April 2013, although the name of the Order was registered much earlier, in April 1981.

Current Members of the Order

Order closed by Sarkanyi Gero; reinstated by Jason and Morgaine

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