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Rieslingshire Arms.jpg
Vert, two recorders in saltire proper, overall a goblet Or charged on the bowl with a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: July 10, 1973
Modern Location: Fresno, CA area


The SCA chapter in the Fresno area was formed initially in January 1972 as the Province of the Setting Sun. 18 months later, on July 10, 1973, it became Rieslingshire, the SCA's first official Shire. The name and device were registered in 02/1975. It was one of the West Kingdom's "Marches." Centered in Fresno, CA, it was host to several popular annual wars (including the Caid Rebellion) and a "13th Night" celebration. Riesling's heraldic officer was the Recorder Pursuivant.

When Caid became a Kingdom in 1978, Rieslingshire joined its ranks, and eventually was folded into the Barony of Nordwache.

Riesling was a gateway between the West and Caid, and hosted events (including wars) that many people from both Kingdoms, as well as the Kingdom of Atenveldt attended. When Caid became a Kingdom in 1978, Riesling opted to join its ranks.

Nordwache was founded in early 1983 as a Province, and became a Barony in early 1984.


Date Event Autocrat Site Details
10/20/1973 Columbus Day Tourney Kearney Park, Fresno, CA Douglas Longshanks Duke Paul of Bellatrix won the Lists for Champion of the Shire. A revel followed in a private home. This was the Shire's first official event.
01/30/1974 Thirteenth Night Revel Private home Craig of the Chambers Held in honor of King Andrew of Riga and Queen Salomé. Alicia de Landelle sang her own songs, and Douglas Longshanks wrote a ballad for His Majesty.
04/27/1974 Spring Tourney Kearney Park, Fresno, CA Douglas Longshanks Once again, Duke Paul of Bellatrix won the lists for Champion of the shire. There were pair and team melees, Blind Man’s Bluff, clench-a-wench, and a potluck revel.
10/19/1974 Fall Tournament 1974 Kearney Park, Fresno, CA Iain of Cawdor, Acting Seneschal See event page, as noted, for details
11/03/1974 SCA Demo Newman Center, Fresno, CA Iain of Cawdor The demo was held as part of the Fresno Renaissance Faire. A revel followed.
01/18/1975 Thirteenth Night Revel Iain of Cawdor
04/19-20/1975 Spring Tourney Sycamore Campsite #1
Trimmer Lake Campground, Pine Flat Lake, CA
Iain of Cawdor There were situation-defense competitions with three man teams, cooking competitions (any variety of fowl), and a needlecraft contest.
10/25-25/1975 Fall Tourney Sycamore Campsite #1
Trimmer Lake Campground, Pine Flat Lake, CA
Iain of Cawdor Lists were held for Champion of the Shire. There was a Libelous and Satirical Poetry Contest, an on-the-spot, freehand drawing contest on a martial theme, an Orc shoot,a team situation attack and defense competition, a fighting quest featuring Boggies, an Ogre, a two-headed monster, a couple of used maidens and a couple of dark knights, and the Rieslingshire version of "Who Do You Trust."
01/24/1976 Thirteenth Night Revel Private home
04/10-11/1976 Spring War 40-acre site East of Fresno, CA Armor was rated as Heavy, Medium, or Light and was counted. Archers and archery were allowed.Several battles were fought.
05/15/1976 Second Caid Rebellion 1976

Notable Rieslingshire Folke

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